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try selecting the design "CSS ZEN ARMY"
i lol'd
this has to be one of the least glamorous web designs ever.
on the other hand, there's a ton of recipes in here :)
:D now *there's* a sense of humor... i like these guys already

From the page: "Thank you for signing-up to the Shapeways beta! We appreciate your interest and hope to give you access soon. Our system will first review your application and then we will look at it manually.

This will mean that if you are unfortunate enough to actually have the first name assdf, the last name wqwewerewr or have the email adress there will be a substantial delay in your application being approved. Substantial in this case is a euphemism for: it will not happen.

Should this not be the case then there will be a slight delay while we check and process your application. Other delays might also occur as we restrict traffic to the site due to high loads on our servers. You will first get an email confirming that you have signed up and then an email confirming that you can log in.

Please be aware that actual live people need to approve your application. We are located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands(CET) and sadly still require sleep. This means that any applications that occur during our brief but necessary sleepytime will only be approved in the morning.

You could perhaps in the interim amuse yourself with our blog, although we must admit it probably will not last you the entire night.

We understand that this process is longer and more tedious than you or we would like it to be. We are currently expecting a lot of traffic and want to regulate the load on our servers so we provide you with the optimal Shapeways experience. We mean this, however corny and corporate it may sound.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Please bear with us, we will bare all in the coming weeks!

neat web app: converts from one set of measurement units, into tangible examples
looks good for such a simple technique. i'll have to try it.
man, they put a ton of work into this... for a good cause
do *not* look at this if you have epilepsy
// omg, my eyes! my head! :P
cool design, looks promising. i'm not really a literary type, but i like its consistent style
i like how this database works. plus, pretty photos of plants and flowers :)
excellent web design concept -- i actually read through every page of the site.