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fun! i'm gonna try this :)

day 1 -- ok, i'm soaking lentils overnight in a jar.
day 2 -- this morning i drained them. tonight i rinsed them.
day 3 -- overnight they sprouted! i let them grow all day, then rinsed and began eating.
they're delicious :D highly recommended

update 2:
this time i'll try garbanzo beans... yep, they're excellent.

i originally posted this in 2009, and recently started making batches of sprouts again. hmm, fresh sprouts :)
"The way David Macaulay works"
"Brushless Motor Control"
difference between square-wave commutated and sine-wave commutated brushless motor drive
another great classical arrangement for the japanese lute
a solid christmas-time lecture by a young richard dawkins
this is a great documentary on the design of the underground map, which was surprisingly influential in modern graphic design

found at NewSherlock
this is good, i've been watching parts of chapter 6
auto-tune strikes again
the machinery that makes ATP in cells. a zillion of these little things manufacture all the energy carrying "batteries" in our bodies
the first 10 minutes are a little fragmented, but the second half makes the whole thing worth watching
interesting... looks a little scattered at the moment
new technology seems pretty complicated... but the presenter does a good job
in other words, really weird happenings are perfectly normal
an outstanding, must-see art piece. really incredible in person
XD that reminds me of the gaffe made by Seagate's CEO. still funny though
surprisingly prescient... and i love the '30s special effects :D
this is fantastic... it starts out slow, but just wait until he gets outdoors to show off their sample forests growing :)
these are the Best science lectures; classic Feynman
XD i love this! it's "schoolhouse rock" all over again
good documentary on Harry Beck's groundbreaking design for the London underground system map
good description of low-environmental-impact architecture... the last 5 seconds caught me by surprise!
wow, those houses are pretty close to the flight path. snagged from caffeina
rap + unedited gecko footage = dance!
charming documentary for a cold winter night: the history of central heating technology
thanks to clever use of surface tension, astronauts may no longer have to drink out of bags using straws

this guy is awesome. every responsible driver must watch this video :) made by billjb
hope, in the race against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
great brief presentation from mr. lolcats on the development, success and expansion of the I Can Has Cheezburger network of websites

priorities :D (hey i don't want to see them either)

cool!! modern technology squares with architectural intuition
chilling vision of police robots, with excellent CGI
it's arnie, giving a spiel for friedman's economics books and videos. strange and funny, i'm not even sure how to tag this
interview with Nassim Taleb and Benoit Mandelbrot; what they're saying is quite worrisome

what a good-natured fella. this excellent show gives an easy-to-understand introduction to inflation and a great feet-to-the-fire roundtable discussion between friedman, politicians and fed chairmen about how to control it.
cool. making the corral longer and narrower would improve access to the finished compost

now just replace that guy with a couple of robot arms, and ta-da! no more workers

peter schiff correctly reads our national balance sheet, back in 2006

toward the end comes an excellent argument for why conservatism is so important... let's not lose one of our strengths
very good piano music; Eric Satie is one of my favorite composers

lol... it's like dawkins reads "how is babby formed" XD
a little slow starting out, but quite interesting analysis of the factors that lead to societal implosion... and how that relates to the course we're on
the part starting at 5:02 is good, and the tv commercial astronaut voice-over is outstanding :D

it's not the "geothermal" i expected... but a simpler, easier version :)

no wonder everyone is voting by mail

really good speech about the role and importance of the press

yep, i recommend watching all of these segments

another good segment (see my other reviews)

i now understand what "junk food" really means :)

we eat what's cheap and what's marketed to us... via a feedback loop between ag subsidies, food production, sales revenues, and policy-making / promotion

charming, even if you're not a mushroom lover

i'm still gonna vote for triangle.

you know, this system of election is starting to make sense... but only if the states are nearly-independent political units, not just geographic regions of a giant all-encompassing political entity. hmm...

ah poor guy. you can tell you've been on the campaign trail too long when *this* happens...
impressive reserve... palin knows how to take one for the team
a couple of cat-loving engineers promote a cat for president. hey, it has its charm :)

that was painful. hey... i've got an a idea: i'm gonna tag this as satire because of the preponderance of roughly equivalent ideas to "save the economy"
cool, easily making butter from cream
WOW that's creepy -- an old Meth PSA

let's see, if there's 4 years in a decade...
wow, that's interesting (audio could be better). poor phil donahue meets his match :)

fun. this guy is a poster boy for non-techie dumpster diving

audio is out of sync, but it doesn't matter -- bronowski is worth watching
excellent Moyers interview of George Soros about the financial crisis, and what may come next. thanks to xtine66 for sending it my way :D
i've heard fox news acts as the PR arm of the bush white house :-/ thanks to harmonyinsanfran :)
the pies are my favorite part. snagged from caffeina

Palin and Princess Diana related
"According to genealogy experts in the U.S, Sarah Palin is related to Princess Diana, and Barack Obama is one of Brad Pitt's cousins." ...And in other news, everyone is related to someone else...
i think we're right on track for this... a great boon to other countries' economies as ours deflates

i love pixels... this clever piece turns public screens into pixelated art

cute girl robot does a great job of staying balanced. thanks to ar0cketman for the find :D
chinese people, what's your english name? :) sent in by vavavoommm

heartwarming story of a victory in mathematics. lifted from c0smocuriosity
they did *not* want to be stuck in there
maher has an excellent point: there's potential danger all around, yet we accept that danger in exchange for freedom

:D early reviews imply that the core SU team are skateboard fans

another Herrmann classic. i think i thumbed this up once before... but it's a really good piece so here we go again :D

hermann's scores have that refreshing dash of insanity

another outstanding piece by Bernard Herrmann, plus cool title sequence :)

furl! brake!! awwwwwwwwww poor turbine :(

very good documentary on one of our most recognizable composers, Bernard Herrmann

i like the format... showing poses from front & side at the same time
"The Corpus Clock and The Chronophage"
gorgeous new clock design... video is worth watching all the way to the end
heh heh, perfect every time
this is just a person typing on a keyboard. it sounds nice, like raindrops :) this video was surprisingly well rated and commented in youtube

that was nice set to music. next time, we'll be ready :)

the perfect palate cleanser after listening to cyriak's electronica

not for the faint of brain. i liked it :) made by cyriak

are post-it notes the LSD of office supplies?
the original. yes, it is awesome XD muchos kudos

flashy... i prefer the simplicity of kraftwerk's lighting/video design
here's a guy with a great delivery... Ronald Reagan. it helps to be an actor. i'm guessing he & nancy saw "the day the earth stood still" as he was writing his speech

you don't need great public speaking skills to be a VP candidate!

"LHC webcams", how timely. i'm sure many people would like a look inside the collider. let's just say i got a kick out of watching these. thanks to cyriak the demented genius. :)
mmm, babies ;) too bad this fella's knee joints bend the opposite way of ours

a classic... recommended by llolla :) there's a moral here, something about people having their own distinct taste

i really liked this. if you only have a minute or two, just watch the segment at 23:50 :) found at c0smocuriosity
check out the *unbelievably* primitive drum pads

the fortune cookie was invented in san francisco (not china; hence the surprise :) lifted from caffeina
aw this is like teaching a dog algebra... or a human, logic ;-/
prototypes like this are important. thanks to ar0cketman for the find :)

kites + opera... very nice :D

XD (bored electrical engineers) are the champions

:D this guy is turning a car alternator into a stepper motor! :D maybe a few tinkerers will be inspired to create homemade giant robots

wow, listen all the way through
whew, engineers are getting really good at extracting information from series of images
an amusing short documentary on the All Your Base meme. swiped from zerodoom
heh heh, Frampton has a clever idea... sounds good to me :)

phew, i thought they'd never get off that island! ;D what a good sport richard simmons is
super cute robot! :D he almost looks like he's made of sugar
whoa, somebody turned on motion tracking :) i like seeing scenes from objects' frames of reference
look at the little guy go!! XD i'm impressed he took on the stairs so easily
improving people's health by helping germs evolve. it's real, and a real good idea. swiped from caffeina. note: presentation is bumpy, but the message is an important one

that's a lot to spend on fake trees etc. how about nicer tower designs including some art, instead?

wow. this is so fricken advanced i can barely understand any of it
that's odd, a border checkpoint is operating illegally, nowhere near the border

a guy and his family are fed up with hydro bills and blackouts, so they move to the middle of the canadian wilderness. along the way their quest to hew a home from rough logs turns into helicopter-delivered prefab adventure. an environmentally-flavored study in lack of planning... worth watching.
:D first time i've heard someone play spoons... thanks to ar0cketman

so ridiculous that i actually laughed :D

i lol'd (and yes, that was the first time i'd seen it :)
over-the-top, as usual... thanks for pointing out what presidential elections are *really* about ;)
a classic. conversion and hacking of a payphone. the true hilarity of this video begins at about 25:00, when you realize limor has done the entire conversion for the sole purpose of hacking around the payment mechanism. with continued practice these guys may begin to look like a latter-day secret life of machines :)
that thing's crazy! it's like the guy tried to compress all of mechanical engineering into one woodworking project :) amazing, and chock full of ideas
impressive! i'm very glad to have these little guys looking out for me :)
:D heh heh, snagged from anneliese

a humorous video version of the "bidirectional led" paper. "LED Comm was a project to use ordinary LEDs as both emitters and detectors."

fun! these guys have much patience... plus i suspect they're pyros ;) thanks to stocktrader

cool! what makes a hard drive go. snagged from ar0cketman

:D cool animation: a fresh take on a classic story. good stuff! gracias to harmonyinsanfran
sand art in a glass
this is a VERY interesting idea... concentrating consumer power to help businesses pay for "green" capital improvements

cool, but the phone company is not in the energy distribution business... if i were them, i'd track down the leaking energy and "fix" the problem ;-/
nerrrds! this is good :D videos about the chemical elements... check out the ones for bromine, nitrogen and boron
haha, this reminds me of seagate's ceo...
impressive demo of the Parallax Propeller microcontroller, and Viewport software

XD terrific music plus just over-the-top opening credits

in the hands of isabella rossellini, insect reproduction becomes classical drama. these are weird, just like bugs & critters in real life.
but math *is* an emergency! ;D ask any member of congress
classic Steve Martin. Johnny is cracking up...

Paul MacCready gives a charming talk mainly about his Gossamer human powered aircraft... and how he started that project to win the prizes that got him out of debt :)
a breathless and inspiring look at the development of early electronic computers
great invention, a low cost portable refrigeration unit that can be powered by a cooking fire
nice video: how to build a "rocket stove", an efficient insulated one-pot cooking stove
a shift register wired to produce pseudo-random numbers... driving leds so you can see what it's doing :) it's like a stream or a waterfall

it seems to be a Theremin... made out of a mug of tea! :) shamelessly lifted from the ever-pink caffeina

these would be fun for an asimo riding a segway on one of those 360-degree VR treadmills ;)
The Trons all-robot band... cool, like an anti-Kraftwerk :D
everyone likes a little pampering. this site has really high quality videos.
nice alphabet popup book!

extraordinary footage of Taipei 101's 730-ton tuned mass damper reacting to the May earthquake.
is this what chemistry nerd kids played with in the '50s? :)

simpler construction, yet good accuracy

the beginning of self-service telecommunications

guys from parallax testing (or should i say toasting) one of their "propeller" microcontroller chips in the oven
Montana Skies cello & guitar
cool, man. lifted from andreacv oh, and... it's her birfday

great... keep those advancements coming
Recycling Single-Use Cameras

// From the page: "Single-use cameras are not actually "single use." They are fully being recycled. This program shows the processes of sorting used cameras, removing the batteries, and disassembling them. The plastic part of the cover is subdivided and will be changed to the pellet; this will be transformed to a new cover. Then, they are on the way to be new cameras."

// robots do all the work :)
i'm more than a little skeptical about this, but c'est la vie...

what an expensive way to plug the coal industry. we need a more efficient way to process the actual arguments put before congress, to make them public much earlier in the process and keep "advertising" from wasting the time of the government. although... re: lightbulbs, i do think incentives would be a much better choice than a ban.

it's the ending that's funny! the *reason* is that an evolutionary sequence like the one shown is supposed to have happened over *billions* of years :D
life arrives in a meteorite :)
the guy was dumb to do that. i like the hungry tortoise :)

good demonstration of what stock traders call an "inefficient market": some traders know important facts, others don't
if i were stuck in there, i'd try to escape too
that's a lot better than some reviews i've read ;)
see Robert Hecht-Nielsen's video halfway down the page -- his work is arguably the most important to date in A.I., bringing us an order of magnitude closer to fully-capable thinking machines.
i love abstract stuff like this. plus, satie is one of my favorite composers :)

sweet old carl sagan, set to music, reminds us how tiny our planet really is. thanks to fantm
interesting, i've got quite a sweet tooth myself. plus, heh, the video features a real-life doogie howser ;)
interesting... it's as if the u.s.' tendency to expand and control has its own momentum and just keeps rolling on and on

really nice video on one family's urban vegetable garden
is this some kind of metaphor for capitalism? it's a fine piece of animation in any case

hmm, the sequence of squares is related to the sequence of odd numbers

brilliant renditions of dna going about its business

machines for making one-off solid metal parts from cad files, via electron beam melting

watch for humor at the end. thanks to ar0cketman

this machine is one of the most viscerally scary things i've ever seen

arrgh, the trouble with mercury fillings

he's the paganini of water glasses :D
these are outstanding! :D isabella rossellini's bug biology lessons show how nature all around us is filled with amazing drama. kids of the future will watch these routinely, i'm sure. btw, the *snail* is a little risque :)
the music and the narrator's voice turn this tour of nanotech humorous. "...brace yourself for a shock..." ok, the writing and visual aids are also hilarious. like Chuck Jones at a dinner party of physicists

nice... is this how those self-winding watches work

neat, a successful experiment growing plants and fruit trees in dry salty soil

Jon Stewart holds an excellent interview with Alan Greenspan, well worth watching

heyyy, that turned out to be funny! :)

minsky proposes an approach to design based on the assumption that parts of the machine are going to break

wow, no wonder it couldn't be built at the time
magic?? ehh, it's got to be physics! :)

uses a hybrid permanent-magnet/electromagnet motor

good thing this was documented... so nobody else tries it :p
how DNA is wound into chromosomes, and how it's replicated. wow, this is amazing!

what the heck?? i like that guy's accent :)

amateur filmmakers maybe

includes an interesting tour of a telco central office
IMO, this is one of the best pieces of film of all time... and increasingly relevant. Watch now.

i'm flabbergasted... it's an octopus!
great idea! this is what we need economists for! hmm, i'll bet there's a way to do this on a local level as well. *starts thinking*
this guy is hilarious. actor matt frewer, thaaat's who this guy reminds me of :)

what a good cat toy! it's warm, contains music, and when you touch it, fun shapes fly around. price is the only drawback :-/

*you* know what sugar is! *you* know what coffee is! XD i love this guy's clear perspective. highly recommended.

sweet, this is cool :D

this must the most over-engineered spud gun ever. great technical walk-through though... full of good design ideas

a biting and terribly funny highbrow skit about the subprime mortgage fiasco. includes an easy-to-follow explanation of what caused the whole mess. it's intentionally played to seem racist, which i found a little distracting. great performance.

a car is slowly washed down the street in this texas flood. includes appropriate commentary.

milton friedman is full of great ideas in this eye-opening discussion about the u.s. economy; no wonder he was awarded a nobel. the host is a little edgy and nearly loses his composure a couple of times, but friedman's charms soothe the savage beast. plus, a delightful surprise prediction at the end! recorded in 1999.
whether it's cultural tradition or not, there *are* a surprising number of ways to count money

good picks! the ones i've seen have been excellent.
very good documentary on our understanding of gravity
cool homemade electric go-kart... but i feel sorry for this guy's neighbors

architect shows off his approach for embiggening a small house

artisan cranks out a really nice glass cat :) thanks to fantm
close enough... correctly predicts the fanny pack & cell phone
excellent thought-provoking interview. friedman has faith in the ingenuity of human beings

aha -- old star treks, macgyvers, twilight zones online & in good quality :) found at ar0cketman's pages
sweet -- being a booster rocket is a good life
beautiful time-lapse footage of a weather effect

neat trick -- i thought it would be hokey, but Brown uses a genuinely clever technique

this is a great low-cost technique for quickly building robust semi-permanent housing

the agent database is the best XD
an enlightening and thought provoking episode on light. the introductory history section is a little slow, but worth watching in preparation for a fascinating demonstration at the end
cool, and besides, the next generation of kids won't see why we thought this was "slightly scandalous" :)

a trip to saturn? looks a little bumpy on this nuclear-bomb-powered rocket! thanks to ar0cketman
skip this item if you're squeamish. it's edible bread sculptures shaped like human parts... interesting; definitely art
An important message. I don't have the words to describe this.

heh heh, benny hill shows us the truth :)

frankl shares deep observations about the human condition

documentary by james burke... man this is good. the other parts and other episodes do seem to be up on youtube

harry kroto, the sean connery of chemistry, gives us a peek at experiments that model life's beginnings
impressive shredding. the thing eats hard drives for breakfast

smarty plants. a beautifully simple algorithm

owww! oh... it was only a hot dog ;)

a "laser harp"... it's neater than i expected!
ingenious, music made from recycled windows sound effects! :D

"i can't stand up!"
this cool halloween attraction is from here: Vortex Tunnel

apparently the machine retains a very strong field even when power is off

whatever this is, i like it!
remarkable piece of calculating machinery. the victorians would have been blown away i reckon

serious thinking from a very smart individual

inspired by creationist arguments, these mean-spirited yet well-constructed lessons in physics (and other scientific disciplines) are both fascinating and enlightening
encouraging demonstration of improved sustainability for an urban home

perfect for a rainy day like today! thanks to tweakerbell :)

a small collection of wingless aircraft -- interesting ideas! thanks to ar0cketman

whew, great art piece. it's too easy to make judgments
short 1950's documentary about television, pictures from the sky
1950s-era telegraphy -- a great piece of history. before there was email, there was the telegram
oh, no way. our protagonist is incredibly optimistic
funny history lesson about numbers... great reminder of how important basic discoveries are
had this been an actual emergency, wouldn't the other subjects would be looking at *you*?

i'm left with a horrified smile on my face. excellent work!

wow... does this remind anyone else of zero-point energy?

that little guy is a biter

this is just mind-bogglingly awesome to be on a kids' tv show

impressive playing, i loved it

yes! i lovvve steel drums :D in case the link above fails, video is here

excellent talk about The Paradox of Choice... how having too many options leads to dissatisfaction
gotta love these old "training" films, they're an invaluable look at changes in our culture. the MST3K gang is a plus too :)

1941 short documentary on car sales made into laughing stock
bizarre and funny short on various applications of springs

hahaha, impressive concept :D

excellent - how psychology has been applied to influence the public's behavior
tim hunkin... i never get enough of this guy :) hunkin demonstrates trial and error in industrial design
fun! hunkin shows off his arcade games and demonstrates how mechanical arcade machines work

excellent, as always - history of the watch

Camenzind tells what really happened between Noyce & Kilby

this is just the thing to watch after part 2 of "Zeitgeist, The Movie"

fantastic, very entertaining documentary on how the elevator works... i'm going to end up blogging this entire series

i love these shows... this one is a fascinating look at the technology & history of fax machines

hahahahaa, freaky old video game commercial

using gray codes to locate the light sensors is a brilliant idea
cool; there's a biiiiig magnet in that tank :)

damn fine introduction to computer technology, from the 1960's

fantastic 1950's product introduction; steve jobs couldn't have done it better

uv led + zinc sulfide = drawing board with glowing trails

how radio works, & history of its development

bwahahahahaaa!! i still love those guys. warning: contains teeth-grinding dissonance :D
very impressive, for guys with... no... pants :)

excellent talk on communications network history & future internet protocol
funky slugs, thanx to smilesR4U

great piece of Bernard Herrmann film score - includes spooky theremin! (repost with more robust link)

what a beautiful instrument... & the video has a hilarious ending

...Edison invented the electric company... classic!

a little obscure... but who can resist the unbridled enthusiasm of leeeeeeroyyyy jennnnkinnnns! :)

nasty -- research shows that amalgam tooth fillings, and mercury in general, are bad for brain health :(

yes, a silent vacuum cleaner would be fantastic :D

this is supposed to be a parody... but if *everyone* wore colorful rubber shoes, they would look perfectly normal! :)

pretty funny, after watching a couple of those kraftwerk videos ;)

comedian tim conway attacks! the guy's got amazing timing. snagged from antirrhesis

hey, it's mad max's alternative energy solution! ;) not sure i'd want one of those fugly things on my roof, but the principle is interesting

comic genius. of course, i liked the original song so there you go.

Classic episode - Ms Swan interviews a stylist to mind her salon while she travels overseas. Very funny - the security code is a favorite. Plus, "Talk to the hole!"

Catchy, colorful, cathartic. Welcome back to the 1980's, and Good-bye to yooo-ooooooooooo... Good-bye to *you*!

A truly spectacular live performance, of one of Eddie's personal favorites. And a rare instance where Dave remembers the words to this song...

Two buddies beat a vibraphone to death. If you like jazz vibraphone, this pummeling is worth waiting for (music starts at about 3 minutes).

An overlooked, dark Van Halen tune (with Sammy)

Malmsteen hamming it up with the New Japan Philharmonic

Falipornia Speak Therapy (satire, a fake commercial)
Be funny this!! I like language, and I this be funny saying. :)