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this is a great documentary on the design of the underground map, which was surprisingly influential in modern graphic design

found at NewSherlock

ingenious re-use of meme
wow, those houses are pretty close to the flight path. snagged from caffeina
it's a brand new 1/4 Billion dollar plane, please RTFM
off to a great start -- keep an eye on this for future additions
who doesn't hate getting stuck in traffic? billjb explains why it /really/ happens and how you can help unclog our freeways
d'oh, machinery ruined because of Celsius vs Fahrenheit! :( dog gone it, why don't we switch to the metric system. i don't care how many "furlongs" there are in a "hogshead" ;-/
the adoption of natural-gas powered vehicles might be good to keep an eye on, as a model for vehicles using hydrogen, biofuels and other energy sources
great example of how a little extra planning saves a lot of valuable time and energy
thumbs up. it's guys like this who save us millions if not billions of dollars in wasted time and energy, in the mundane parts of our lives. here's another good article if you're interested in adding up small savings:
an interesting application of thermoelectric generation