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building blocks. i like the concept :)
a towering lego tower. if that thing comes down, people could be buried in the legolith
a lot of these designs are quite clever. liked.
the customer review is the best part :D
that thing's crazy! it's like the guy tried to compress all of mechanical engineering into one woodworking project :) amazing, and chock full of ideas
check out all the cool make-it-yourself toys :D thanks to stocktrader
stress free rubik's cube :) thanks to ar0cketman for the link
as expensive tomfoolery goes, this is outstanding
no matter what your walk of life, this modern marvel is worth seeing. some will laugh, some cry, and some rejoice :D via the inimitable xtine66
pure innovation from the '70s. the development team at t.i. did an incredible job making this possible at a price many people could afford