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large detailed map of u.s. population density
" sufficiently large populations, every possible mutation in the genome should be present"
a million people are killed on roads every year

this is far more frightening than any "terrorists"
in other words, really weird happenings are perfectly normal
" can bet that further research in this direction (open source and proportional growth) may raise useful questions for other systems (cities, economy, etc.) that would bring new insights to explain their evolution."
i'm no statistician, but i think doctorow is right. this means our "security" measures, in addition to being extremely expensive, are simply too inefficient to work.
the odds against this happening have got to be a million to one... ok, more than a million ;)
that's just weird... it makes perfect sense, but it's still weird :)
this web service looks neat. data visualization as a service, hmm.....
a controversial topic... but how many kids accidentally die riding bikes. more statistics might help us make rational decisions.
cool design, looks promising. i'm not really a literary type, but i like its consistent style