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it's 20 light years away.
if someone's living there we could send a message to them and maybe get a response back within our own lifetimes

thanks to clever use of surface tension, astronauts may no longer have to drink out of bags using straws

hmm... "If there are all these billions of planets in the universe that are capable of supporting life, and millions of intelligent species out there, then how come none has visited earth?"
:( poor thing...
From the page: "Spirit [to Phoenix]: I have survived 5 years on Mars, power malfunctions, and a broken wheel. You, Sir, are FAIL.
Opportunity: Agreed."
a rocket toilet with a u.s. of a. steering wheel. reminiscent of anything? more rocket art on this page, thanks to ar0cketman :)
an old space probe turns up, still operating! thanks to ar0cketman AND xtine66 for the find
if a current does flow through the tether, maybe it can be used to generate power
"Before power ceases, the Phoenix team will attempt to activate a microphone on the lander to possibly capture sounds on Mars." COOL!! :D
it sounds like they didn't have a way to verify that the lower stage had finished its burn, before attempting separation. this is a good lesson in vehicle design :P
From the page: "To the surprise of mission experts, satellite Explorer 1 changed rotation axis after launch. The elongated body of the spacecraft had been supposed to spin about its long (least-inertia) axis but refused to do so, and instead started precessing due to energy dissipation from flexible structural elements."
happy moon landing day! thanks to ar0cketman for the reminder:

i'll be curious to see if any volatile organics show up... if present in the soil, they might have evaporated the first time around :)
heh, why does this shot remind me of NASA's Phoenix lander ;)

interesting description of the mars lander as a software platform. thanks to ar0cketman
a nice pic of home, as seen from mars orbit. i love my home :)
the race for amateurs to put tiny satellites into orbit
so close; next time it'll be paydirt. note that the lander has something nice to listen to while it's working ;)
a method for transmitting images over an audio-frequency channel
cool classic sci-fi radio shows! thanks to ar0cketman
considering this photo was taken from orbit around another planet, it's an *incredible* shot. also sent my way by ar0cketman; muchos gracias senor
haha, the mars lander has a twitter feed :D
aliens. if they're not around here already, then are they anywhere at all? and what does this mean for our own future?
NASA report on Memory Foam Shoes
a fine example of how investment into the space program has produced new technologies to improve consumer goods. thanks to ar0cketman
how easily we forget... practically everything. thanks to ar0cketman for the find
really nice animation of esa robotic delivery vehicle
sweet -- being a booster rocket is a good life
the space shuttle's external fuel tank is more interesting than it seems :)
a trip to saturn? looks a little bumpy on this nuclear-bomb-powered rocket! thanks to ar0cketman
this is excellent. in science, the biggest head-scratchers can lead to the best new models. with luck, maybe this will help us connect gravity and quantum mechanics (just hoping...)