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This might turn into something really exciting. The prospects for aircraft (or flying cars) are even more amazing!
amazing photos of Saturn, its rings and its moons. found fresh in Categorian's Library :)
if there *is* global cooling, we'll still need every drop of energy efficiency we can get
i wonder if this has practical applications relating to communications, weather or power-generation
haha, the mars lander has a twitter feed :D
the boring solution wins the prize. good engineering :)
i wonder if the particles themselves could be used to power an electromagnetic shield
the thing appears to get its power from a series of tubes

interesting historical info... plus, this guy claims to have purchased one of the original sputniks on ebay! :)
Sounds generated inside the Sun are detectable on Earth! :)
The plight of early black astronauts. Man, that is f*^@#in' funny!!