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i have some of the abilities they mention. it seems to run in the family.
this info provides the seeds of solutions to some of our worst sociological problems :D

note to self: recursively elect the above-average 50%
i'm reposting this because it's so interesting... and this version is all in one piece :)
i'm surprised how level-headed and articulate poole is... maybe it's his stability that provides a safe environment for the chaos of 4chan
for a short essay, that sure was thought provoking
fascinating observations about how development of cities leads economic progress
and maybe... beyond our current slavery to the dollar, is a quality of creativity and level of commitment that will be the next step in our sociological and economic evolution
bridging the artificial divide... this is a great piece; go see. snagged from sparlo
toward the end comes an excellent argument for why conservatism is so important... let's not lose one of our strengths
From the page: "Cooperation blooms whenever the act of giving is more important than the amount given," said Prof Pacheco. // this article was vague, but i like the sentiment
we've been litigious for awhile now :(
helpful guide (not how-to stupidize... but how to avoid stupidization!)
excellent talk about The Paradox of Choice... how having too many options leads to dissatisfaction