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thanks to intotheplanet :)

an outstanding, must-see art piece. really incredible in person
:) i really like these sculptures
a rocket toilet with a u.s. of a. steering wheel. reminiscent of anything? more rocket art on this page, thanks to ar0cketman :)
the statue of liberty being constructed in france
furniture made from coins. that's a lot of welding!
skip this item if you're squeamish. it's edible bread sculptures shaped like human parts... interesting; definitely art
part of calder's mercury fountain -- it uses real mercury

From the page: "favorite artist, Alexander Calder"
YEAH! :)
Pure organic machinery art, straight from the artist. Plus quality stumbles -- go see! :)
Steel Heels! Sculpture you can wear, but maybe only to bed, not around town... Sent in by intendedspace. Thanks Space!! Also, more galleries of other fetish shoes.
Calder is one of my favorite sculptors. This site describes his life and shows the progression of his work. Very beautiful!