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impressive reserve... palin knows how to take one for the team
that was painful. hey... i've got an a idea: i'm gonna tag this as satire because of the preponderance of roughly equivalent ideas to "save the economy"
the pies are my favorite part. snagged from caffeina

these things are getting better by the week
this is excellent; thanks to xtine66 :D obviously more could be added
:D that was actually funny... gold star for good re-use of meme
"LHC webcams", how timely. i'm sure many people would like a look inside the collider. let's just say i got a kick out of watching these. thanks to cyriak the demented genius. :)
violent, but great concept. mario inspired by soviet propaganda posters...
treating darwin as a prophet almost works *better*... considering the astounding accuracy of his (now revised & extended) theory
over-the-top, as usual... thanks for pointing out what presidential elections are *really* about ;)
hey i can't type in the field ;)
this is because stock prices, dividends and market dominance are what we as corporate shareholders place value on. it's all in the structure we've set up for ourselves. we can improve things by changing that structure.
compu-terrrrism. i hope this was intended to be funny :)
was this written by a politician // you can tell it's satire because of item 14
From the page: "The quantity of consonants in the English language is absolutely constant. If consonants are omitted in one geographic area, they turn up in another. When a Bostonian "pahks" his "cah", the lost r's migrate southwest, causing a Texan to "warsh" his car and invest in "erl wells.""
heyyy, that turned out to be funny! :)

wow, it sounds a lot different when the roles are reversed
a biting and terribly funny highbrow skit about the subprime mortgage fiasco. includes an easy-to-follow explanation of what caused the whole mess. it's intentionally played to seem racist, which i found a little distracting. great performance.

although a satire, this is exactly what happens when obscure older technology is compared to technology commonly in use. let's not disparage older tech! it still has its applications :)
that's what you get when you mix religion and politics! ;) thanks to xtine66
i appreciate the effort these guys put into keeping science free to maintain its integrity
well, i thought it was very funny (the ending got me by surprise)
Falipornia Speak Therapy (satire, a fake commercial)
Be funny this!! I like language, and I this be funny saying. :)
NO, this is NO good. Not funny. I am sure there are ways to handle the topic with humor -- but not like this.
Emergency Procedures Signs
These are laugh out loud funny!! *Can* emergency signs get any worse??? Only from the US Gov't of course. Thanks to Inga for the pointer.
The plight of early black astronauts. Man, that is f*^@#in' funny!!