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now just replace that guy with a couple of robot arms, and ta-da! no more workers

robots are becoming a sizable chunk of the workforce
i think asimov's laws of robotics should be applied to government. after all, government *is* a kind of machine designed to serve and protect humanity
cute girl robot does a great job of staying balanced. thanks to ar0cketman for the find :D
XD (bored electrical engineers) are the champions

:D this guy is turning a car alternator into a stepper motor! :D maybe a few tinkerers will be inspired to create homemade giant robots

super cute robot! :D he almost looks like he's made of sugar
look at the little guy go!! XD i'm impressed he took on the stairs so easily
excellent early voice synthesizer. lifted from technoshaman
"Two-channel audio amplifier drives stepper motor"
// a 'class D' audio amp chip as a motor driver. If using a smooth waveform instead of on/off pulses, this is probably a lot more power efficient than normal drivers -- maybe avoiding the need for heatsinks entirely.
"an open-source hardware and software project intended to create an exceptionally powerful and versatile autopilot system"
this looks like a good technique for soldering magnet wire. i've never seen twisted pair wire that thin before...
From the page: "Anyone who has watched one fly chasing another at incredibly high speed, without crashing or bumping into anything, can appreciate the high-end flight performance of these animals. [...] They can update and process visual information more than ten times faster than humans, which is vital for an insect that relies on fast sensory feedback to maintain its agility."
wow, this sounds like a major breakthrough in imaging technology... From the page: "A comparison has shown that an artificial compound eye lens can transfer information with an effective image resolution of 625 x 625 pixels although the number of actually available image pixels is limited to 50 x 50"
really nice discussion of electromagnetic actuators. thanks to ar0cketman
the original solar engine design by Mark Tilden
based on newly discovered principles of animal locomotion, Robert Full introduces robots surprisingly agile for their simple construction (one of them, RHex, is really cute!)
these would be fun for an asimo riding a segway on one of those 360-degree VR treadmills ;)
The Trons all-robot band... cool, like an anti-Kraftwerk :D
excellent idea -- an analog value is converted to a continuous stream of digital pulses, encoded with "pulse density modulation"
Recycling Single-Use Cameras

// From the page: "Single-use cameras are not actually "single use." They are fully being recycled. This program shows the processes of sorting used cameras, removing the batteries, and disassembling them. The plastic part of the cover is subdivided and will be changed to the pellet; this will be transformed to a new cover. Then, they are on the way to be new cameras."

// robots do all the work :)
this guy is hilarious. actor matt frewer, thaaat's who this guy reminds me of :)

robotic snakes are coming... to the tune of crazy train
have anxious reactions to what typical persons would consider ordinary stimuli?
"The Zero Volt Diode" -- a power MOSFET acts like a very low voltage drop diode that switches state at 0V and which is used to conduct negative current from drain to source
"ok, apple is up another 3 points... hmm, when to sell, when to sell..."