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in addition to the article, page has a nice illustration of the invisible pink unicorn... there's also an "invisible" one :)
wow, that's interesting (audio could be better). poor phil donahue meets his match :)

i love it! the minimalist style and dialogue are outstanding :D click to "read" the whole conversation
church and state don't mix. because in this country the state's job is to ensure individual freedoms; which specifically means freedom of, or from, religion.
:D cool animation: a fresh take on a classic story. good stuff! gracias to harmonyinsanfran
From the page: "Mr. Hayashi argued that instead of divorcing Japanese Buddhism further from its spiritual roots, his business attracted more people with its lower prices. The highest-ranking posthumous name went for about $1,500, a rock-bottom price.

I know that, originally, that's not what Buddhism was about, Mr. Hayashi said of the top name. But it's a brand that our customers choose. Some really want it, so that means there's a strong desire there, and we have to respond to it."
i... think this is how some religions get started ;-/
Rep. Monique Davis to atheist Rob Sherman: `It's dangerous for our children to even know that your philosophy exists!'

apparently atheism isn't treated with the same respect as a religion... no matter how unbelievable any given religion may seem to people who don't follow it. :-/
i object to religious symbols being kept on government property ;D
An important message. I don't have the words to describe this.

as an engineer and not a philosopher, i approve of science because it produces *useful* results... not because it "proves" existential truths :)
that's what you get when you mix religion and politics! ;) thanks to xtine66
heh heh, talk about merchandise that straddles the fence... this is the *ultimate* "what if you're wrong?" t-shirt ;D
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