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this campaign just makes my jaw drop. i love to hate it :D
:D haaaa ha ha!
what a beautiful piece of propaganda... hats off to the creators!
@ 91KP: i think the $32/ton refers to "downcycled" plastic, not high-grade new plastic
this small village requires residents to sort & recycle all waste. i like it! we need plenty of experiments like this, to find systems that work :)
:( yikes! yet another raw material hits up against limited supply

sounds like it's time to do a complete inventory of our resource usage and availability, conservation and recycling strategies. is anyone on that already??

lifted from arielh85
Recycling Single-Use Cameras

// From the page: "Single-use cameras are not actually "single use." They are fully being recycled. This program shows the processes of sorting used cameras, removing the batteries, and disassembling them. The plastic part of the cover is subdivided and will be changed to the pellet; this will be transformed to a new cover. Then, they are on the way to be new cameras."

// robots do all the work :)
i'd like to see recycling services gain more exposure
impressive shredding. the thing eats hard drives for breakfast

Recycled-Material Shoes

What a great idea! Cool shoes made of recycled fabrics and materials. No two pairs are exactly alike.
Link sent in by moderntimes -- thank you Orla!!