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long-winded but interesting; saved for later :)
i'm reposting this because it's so interesting... and this version is all in one piece :)
a challenging list of arguments against reproducing (but in favor of adopting, etc)
i better be more careful; human nature being to pay attention to things that reinforce our pre-existing beliefs
toward the end comes an excellent argument for why conservatism is so important... let's not lose one of our strengths
humans are funny... always coming up with explanations for things. do we understand how a thing works? of course we do, just make up some explanation! :)
a teacher notices the "impostor phenomenon" in students: "they all think I'm great but I know better"
i wouldn't discount game theory, it may still be the basis for economics and international politics.
From the page: "Though the men were instructed to have a neutral look on their faces when photographed, some apparently looked happier than others."
his "scientifically rigorous approach" is amusing
granted this is an article about sarcasm, and is written in sarcastic style, but it's simply not informative, and may in fact be misleading. i'd file it under humor, but i didn't find it funny either :(
this would actually explain why mathematical genius John von Neumann stared at womens' legs while thinking
this is really good, i think it gives insights into how the human mind works
oh yeah, like scientists are *evvvvver* going to understand how the brain works ;D
a solution to improve elevator service... great concept
oddly enough, the researchers sound perplexed by this finding... but it makes perfect sense for animals to evolve reward-seeking behavior when the natural toxins are benefiting them
that's odd... i was just reading about how practiced tibetan monks have vastly increased gamma wave activity (an indication of attention). from the page: "If there's excessive attention, it somehow creates mental fixation," he notes. "Your brain is not in a receptive condition." i wonder how these findings relate. google search re monks:
neat trick -- i thought it would be hokey, but Brown uses a genuinely clever technique

frankl shares deep observations about the human condition

it doesn't take long to forget what really happened and remember the imaginary... not long at all
The Moral Instinct.

a really excellent article speculating about the origins of morality... and its effects. from the article: "In a large Web survey, Haidt found that liberals put a lopsided moral weight on harm and fairness while playing down group loyalty, authority and purity. Conservatives instead place a moderately high weight on all five. It's not surprising that each side thinks it is driven by lofty ethical values and that the other side is base and unprincipled."

a lot of good stuff is in there
i'm not sure what these results mean exactly, but i think it's something important. i'll be back to re-read... :D
had this been an actual emergency, wouldn't the other subjects would be looking at *you*?

From the page: "findings suggest that women who are depressed are also losing their sense of smell"
fascinating example of manipulating "the consumer" to buy something that has no practical value (see Century of the Self video series for details)
excellent - how psychology has been applied to influence the public's behavior
From the page: "it comprises at least three overlapping, but separable, constellations of traits: interpersonal deficits (such as grandiosity, arrogance and deceitfulness), affective deficits (lack of guilt and empathy, for instance), and impulsive and criminal behaviors (including sexual promiscuity and stealing)."

That sounds just like Bond; James Bond.
"Since some mammals clearly use androstenone to communicate sexuality and dominance within a social hierarchy, it's intriguing to think whether the same thing may happen in humans," Vosshall says. "If so, what happens to humans who can't get the signal because they have the nonfunctional copy of the gene? Or the hyperfunctional one? What could be the social and sexual implications of this on one's perception of the smell of fellow humans?"
have anxious reactions to what typical persons would consider ordinary stimuli?
it's easy to get mixed up... this article reminded me how *much* more valuable experience is than facts. worth reading!
"people with true knowledge tended to underestimate their competence"
Single-question Personality Test. Impressive results!