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tony hoare nails it... he's a genius. what he doesn't realize is that his own work is what makes this possible :)
Handy and informative! This helped me understand the UNIX process management model as well as low-level networking.
research for importing wxr blog-export files from su
whoever came up with this graphical notation is brilliant

interesting... but as an autodidact, this is way too slow for me
"The price of reliability is the pursuit of the utmost simplicity."
- Sir Charles Antony Richard Hoare
software is all about managing state-space. i think we're closing in on a solution :)

part of the "unix philosophy"... from the article:

The design must be simple, both in implementation and interface. It is more important for the implementation to be simple than the interface. Simplicity is the most important consideration in a design.

The design must be correct in all observable aspects. It is slightly better to be simple than correct.

The design must not be overly inconsistent. Consistency can be sacrificed for simplicity in some cases, but it is better to drop those parts of the design that deal with less common circumstances than to introduce either complexity or inconsistency in the implementation.

The design must cover as many important situations as is practical. All reasonably expected cases should be covered. Completeness can be sacrificed in favor of any other quality. In fact, completeness must be sacrificed whenever implementation simplicity is jeopardized. Consistency can be sacrificed to achieve completeness if simplicity is retained; especially worthless is consistency of interface
pathetic. new programming languages will help -- ones that don't require explicit use of low-level threading.
this bears watching. it's more powerful than meets the eye.
this bears watching. it's more powerful than meets the eye.
this bears watching. it's more powerful than meets the eye.
an excellent talk about newsqueak, precursor to the go programming language. designer rob pike discusses fundamental concepts that newsqueak (and go) is based on. pike and co have picked up where dijkstra and hoare left off.

pike doesn't analyze this effect explicitly: but the ability to decouple a program's parts into concurrent communicating processes greatly simplifies the management of the program's state space... it's not just new ways to factor code. go has features that support both functional and concurrent construction.

these principles are very important; i expect the combination will trigger a major advance in program design.

i'd also love to see more of backus' work involved, when the time comes :)

from Dijsktra's EWD32
hoare is brilliant, and i highly recommend his paper "An axiomatic basis for computer programming" linked to from the wikipedia article
excellent chart of programming paradigms and their related languages :D
"a filesystem snapshot utility for making backups of local and remote systems"
interesting... i think we'll see a lot more of functional languages. discovered at whyfish
i lol'd... but this would only be humor for a small group of individuals
i haven't tried this, but it sounds like an impressive accomplishment. From the page: "So by this point you're probably saying, "Yeah right, that's impossible". Show me."
good quick reference for command-line based media conversion
giving personalities to parts makes system design easier :)
important underpinnings for computer science of the next several decades. i'm not sure exactly how to apply this yet, but we'll be seeing a ton more use for concurrent programming, quickly. the book is a free pdf, and a great read.
this has a lot of potential -- could be a winner :)
interesting description of the mars lander as a software platform. thanks to ar0cketman
hoare's book was fascinating, and the approach he developed could be very important as many-processor systems become commonplace
this open-source flash chart generator looks really good
a brutally concise yet handy reference sheet
an organized reference of interesting topics in game programming
hi-larious... i seem to remember programming in assembly language was actually this funny :)
"that's no moon... it's a space station" wait, wrong meme
agreed. like the internet, open source software is unstoppable.
breathtaking in its audacity. even funnier because i went to a symfony introduction just last night
Music File Compressed 1,000 Times Smaller than MP3
yes... getting closer... i know this will work well eventually :)
lol; it's the the traveling salesman problem
From the page: "There has never been an unexpectedly short debugging period in the history of computers. (Steven Levy)"
this is the best one-page introduction i've seen for a programming language. and the basics of python look pretty good too
for programmers. it's just neat
excellent talk on communications network history & future internet protocol
I like how the researchers approached this problem