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this info provides the seeds of solutions to some of our worst sociological problems :D

note to self: recursively elect the above-average 50%
i'm reposting this because it's so interesting... and this version is all in one piece :)
we should probably just start reducing energy availability (e.g., allow successive price increases through gradual elimination of subsidies), and let the other factors adjust themselves
i'll bet the president-elect & his team are getting tons of suggestions
"Pentagon to Detail Troops to Bolster Domestic Security"

hmm... this sounds suspiciously like someone's planning for citizens to riot :(
"Fed Pledges Top $7.4 Trillion to Ease Frozen Credit"
printing this much cash will generate a bubble of unprecedented size.
i better be more careful; human nature being to pay attention to things that reinforce our pre-existing beliefs
so, either nationalize or let the market work? hmm...
note: this highlights the industry's use of anticompetitive strategies; so much for theories of "pure" capitalism
"Lose the BlackBerry? Yes He Can, Maybe"
sure communications should be recorded, but why cut them off entirely?
priorities :D (hey i don't want to see them either)

maybe the solution is for government to get into the civil-union business and out of the marriage business. that would preserve civil rights, as required by the u.s. constitution
bridging the artificial divide... this is a great piece; go see. snagged from sparlo
I have to hand it to the senator (& his team), he's good with the new forms of communication.
it should never have been put on the ballot. rights can't be denied to a minority of people just because a majority want to.
toward the end comes an excellent argument for why conservatism is so important... let's not lose one of our strengths
From the page: "Unfortunately, I think people thought they were making a statement about what their view of same-sex marriage was," the San Francisco Democrat said. "I don't know if it was clear that this meant that we are amending the Constitution to diminish freedom in our state."
Smells like a rebellion brewing. Give only some people special rights, and you get trouble.

"All men are created equal"... you may remember that from the Declaration of Independence. Yes, "men" refers to human beings, in case you forgot that half the people on this planet are women. And not just *white people* either. Etc.

I'd rather have marriage's exceptional legal status revoked (keeping it strictly a religious affair, not civil at all), than go around giving only some people special rights.
ridicule, the irrepressible weapon of reason; here applied against proposition 8, a patently discriminatory law
cool compilation... and i like how "epic win" is used correctly as one of the headlines :D
The US Constitution specifically forbids discrimination. Let's not forget who was just rightly elected president -- as a perfect example of how that protection works.
a little slow starting out, but quite interesting analysis of the factors that lead to societal implosion... and how that relates to the course we're on
nah, humans are not rational. any theory that ignores this fact is too simple to work well under most conditions.
I'm thumbing this up to highlight the issue. The US Constitution forbids discrimination based on race, gender etc. We don't have to call it marriage, but clearly if some adult couples are allowed special legal rights, then the federal government must allow all adult couples the same rights -- and states are *required* to comply. Those legal rights are not a religious issue.
Therefore, NO ON PROP 8
no wonder everyone is voting by mail

really good speech about the role and importance of the press

inflation: if you just keep printing money, this is what you get :(
i think the humor is unintentional. interestingly, if there were a complex scientific problem we all faced, i'd be comfortable having the president rely on well qualified science advisors, understand the issue thoroughly, and then attempt to "sell us" on the best-considered solution. wouldn't you?
interesting... i've heard that historically, politicians almost always choose inflation through printing more dollars, over allowing an unhindered correction. we'll see...
yep, i recommend watching all of these segments

we eat what's cheap and what's marketed to us... via a feedback loop between ag subsidies, food production, sales revenues, and policy-making / promotion

ah poor guy. you can tell you've been on the campaign trail too long when *this* happens...
Hermann Goering describes how to scare a country's population into following "leaders". that seems relevant, doesn't it?
excellent Moyers interview of George Soros about the financial crisis, and what may come next. thanks to xtine66 for sending it my way :D
Who is Anonymous. a surprisingly intelligent description of a social phenomenon worth keeping an eye on
how can this be accurate. that said, i love the idea. election '08, brought to you by carl's jr. ;)
Palin and Princess Diana related
"According to genealogy experts in the U.S, Sarah Palin is related to Princess Diana, and Barack Obama is one of Brad Pitt's cousins." ...And in other news, everyone is related to someone else...
cynical optimism, is there such a thing? or is it only sarcasm... (oh and about that page title, i can't believe i accidentally the whole depression)
although i hate the way this bill got passed, i love incentives for renewable energy projects... we have to invest in our future
these things are getting better by the week
good insider's perspective on the House of Representatives
now all we have to do is "accidentally" get everyone into one or another database, and ta-da, instant police state
we shouldn't prosecute some of history's greatest financial criminals, who helped wreck the economy, because... it might affect the economy. that's their logic, anyway
wow... but we seem to be bankrupting *ourselves* :-/
uh oh, let's hope the future doesn't view Idiocracy as a documentary :(
some days digg turns into a bastion of intelligent discourse :) there's hope for this country
economically, we're all being pruned. here's our opportunity to redirect new growth. thanks to xtine66 for the find.
plus $100bn in earmarks. our system seems to run on bribery instead of reason. i hate that.
George W. Bush, keeping America prosperous. Google's index from 2001 is bound to turn up more interesting tidbits.
maher has an excellent point: there's potential danger all around, yet we accept that danger in exchange for freedom

i'm pretty sure we can write-in whomever we like

here's a guy with a great delivery... Ronald Reagan. it helps to be an actor. i'm guessing he & nancy saw "the day the earth stood still" as he was writing his speech

you don't need great public speaking skills to be a VP candidate!

the executive branch better cut this s*** out or we're going to have to start all over again :-[
wouldn't it be cool to have a separate, mandatory Creation class, in which several well-known scenarios about the creation of the universe are taught, and then kids debate over which one is best? :D
church and state don't mix. because in this country the state's job is to ensure individual freedoms; which specifically means freedom of, or from, religion.
i love that guy's candor. businesses' ability to donate large sums of money to politicians gives corporations a big advantage over ordinary citizens
there are good arguments on both sides of this topic
over-the-top, as usual... thanks for pointing out what presidential elections are *really* about ;)
the customer review is the best part :D
i think this is a great idea, preventing crappy laws from being tacked onto good laws. these guys have other sensible ideas too, like making sure our representatives read new laws before passing them... and providing reference checks to ensure new laws are actually legal.
:) the internet is obliged to ridicule propaganda, regardless of its source
" economic theory known as "Dutch Disease" holds that natural resource wealth can inhibit the development of other sectors by skewing wages. In contrast, resource-poor countries must give their citizens a certain amount of economic freedom in order to create a living for themselves, developing human capital in order to create value."
"immense powers are being concentrated in the hands of the central government -- a sure path to tyranny"

magnificent example of using a person's words for the *opposite* of what was intended... in this case, George W Bush vs Thomas Jefferson
Court Rewards Exxon for Valdez Oil Spill

"In today's ruling, Supreme Court Justice David Souter wrote that Exxon's recklessness was ''profitless'' - so the company shouldn't have to pay punitive damages." (the $5 billion in punitive damages awarded by the jury)

hmm :((
"Citing Need for Assessments, U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects"
well, that's a twist :-/
this is so odd... the fall in the value of the dollar and speculation on oil... almost as if it were a plan to wean us off oil, bring jobs back into the country, and improve the trade deficit. but who would believe that??
these guys got rid of all their signs and lights, and now have many fewer accidents. i'm guessing the extraneous information was confusing drivers, distracting from watching pedestrians
although i don't pretend to understand middle eastern politics, i can't help but disagree with this article's point of view. i believe the "war against barbarism" starts at home, by every individual practicing compassion with herself and her very own neighbors... then extend it to others. thank you to aynrandfan for sending this my way :)
good food for thought, thanks to aynrandfan

// i love the concept of profit -- producing more value than the sum total invested -- but the side effects of doing business have gotten us into an environmental and political mess. "capitalism" as a system seems to take a lot of the blame... but maybe the weak links are really: gauging profits only in dollars, ignoring the consequences of our businesses, and allowing money to have influence over public and national policy.
i think we need some upgrades to our system of government... practically nothing that's done by "top" officials is known to the people. thanks to xtine66 for the find
fascinating description of the politics of the early electricity industry, plus eye-opening insights into so-called deregulation and recent electric-utility problems in california
come on people. we need to create serious economic consequences in order to incentivize environmentally-sustainable energy sources, products & services. history shows that no amount of whining or scientific evidence is going to do it -- only the money matters. regardless of whether "global warming" is later proven correct, this momentum is a tremendous opportunity to make strides that will benefit all of humanity
sweet old carl sagan, set to music, reminds us how tiny our planet really is. thanks to fantm
Whatever he meant, it sounded pretty disrespectful. On a lighter note... from the page: "A poll released a couple of weeks later found that 81 percent of the American public believed that when making an important decision, government leaders should pay attention to public opinion polls."
interesting... it's as if the u.s.' tendency to expand and control has its own momentum and just keeps rolling on and on

thought-provoking essay on the humble banana, over which much political and ecological strife has been created... the humble banana that disease is quickly pushing toward extinction
interesting historical analysis -- the conditions were a lot more complex than i realized
government spending over the years. it's not pretty, but it's a great start
well, that has pretty much *nothing* to do with daylight saving time
if anything, shouldn't public officials take the oath with a hand on THE CONSTITUTION? arrgh!
Jefferson says, "rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others."

// old-style language, but that's about as clear as the concept gets, IMO
a nice piece of political art :)
as we enter the age of "green", here's something to watch out for.

btw, has anyone started missing the previous age yet? you remember, the "extreme" age: "extreme" corn chips, "extreme" laundry detergent, etc ;)
great idea! this is what we need economists for! hmm, i'll bet there's a way to do this on a local level as well. *starts thinking*
From the page: "I didn't say it as well as I should have," said Obama

this is pretty funny... sounds to me like he was clear the first time, then he basically reverses his statement
Rep. Monique Davis to atheist Rob Sherman: `It's dangerous for our children to even know that your philosophy exists!'

apparently atheism isn't treated with the same respect as a religion... no matter how unbelievable any given religion may seem to people who don't follow it. :-/
Clinton releases tax returns. $15M is one hell of an advance against royalties
i object to religious symbols being kept on government property ;D
milton friedman is full of great ideas in this eye-opening discussion about the u.s. economy; no wonder he was awarded a nobel. the host is a little edgy and nearly loses his composure a couple of times, but friedman's charms soothe the savage beast. plus, a delightful surprise prediction at the end! recorded in 1999.
at last fox endorses a candidate with real potential ;)
yes, we're supposed to *eat* high-quality food crops, not use them as fuel
based on this news, it looks like consumers lobbying wal-mart may be an effective means of advancing industry reforms
i'm always happy when public policy takes into account the latest scientific research, and genuine unknowns
the basic idea seems to be, constituents itemize the objectives politicians promise to achieve, and track actual performance... with reports and certifications everyone can see. at the same time, discourage payoffs from special interests. i like the concept, it's a good application of technology.
"The richer man's advantage can be calculated." Entities with large amounts of capital have an "unfair" economic advantage on an even playing field. Read Prospects of Ruination on this page -- this may be the formula for manipulating the global economy.
Energy: proved oil reserves (in 1000 million barrels).

why do i get the feeling the top part of this list is driving U.S. foreign policy
this might also explain why the u.s. has such an interest in... certain countries
fascinating theory re: motivation for attacking iraq... this demands further study. on a related note, i wonder how those cut underwater internet cables are doing?
serious thinking from a very smart individual

that's what you get when you mix religion and politics! ;) thanks to xtine66
we've got a lot more pressing matters to attend than keeping each other from saying a few silly words and phrases, don't you think?
economics can be counterintuitive... here's a good description of the effects of a "weak" dollar
excellent test. seems that ireland is the world's test tube for this sort of experiment
this is the first time i remember seeing the argument that a president must be rational in order to be effective
excellent - how psychology has been applied to influence the public's behavior
portal site for Jedi religion & politics
an amazingly detailed and informative perspective on everyday energy use, and why banning "wall warts" is a lame idea (based only on the facts)
This new tax plan looks like an interesting idea. Worth investigating.