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This might turn into something really exciting. The prospects for aircraft (or flying cars) are even more amazing!
"I learnt at elementary school that it is impossible to see a single atom through a microscope. Well, my elementary school teacher was wrong."
~Dr Mikkel F. Andersen, University of Otago

from the page: "Schrödinger did not wish to promote the idea of dead-and-alive cats as a serious possibility; quite the reverse."
these are the Best science lectures; classic Feynman
steady progress. i sure hope we can get fusion power to work
thanks to clever use of surface tension, astronauts may no longer have to drink out of bags using straws

i am amazed: "Until now, scientists assumed that a turbulent flow travelling with a constant speed will always remain turbulent. However, scientists from Gttingen and Delft have now found evidence that points to the contrary. "Our measurements show that every turbulent flow in a pipe will inevitably become laminar"
the element named after Danish physicist Niels Bohr, who made fundamental contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum mechanics
audio is out of sync, but it doesn't matter -- bronowski is worth watching
rampant lhc speculation. fun stuff :)
i'm sure we'll see a lot more research on this... in the future
this is clever but not surprising... if you send entangled photons down two noisy channels, you should see correlations based on their entanglement on the other end (at least in aggregate; it would be pretty hard to single out an individual photon among the noisy trillions :)
i'm impressed, more than by that "invisibility cloak" stuff
whoa, somebody turned on motion tracking :) i like seeing scenes from objects' frames of reference
i'll bet this applies to economics as well, with money in the place of entropy. in which case, individuals are being out-competed by giant "money-processing" businesses like banks and investment funds
lightning and other natural electrical phenomena make low-frequency radio waves we can detect and listen to

different shapes of antennas... helical does work where space is at a premium; although it's not as efficient

beautiful collection... like going to a museum
:D outstanding. good work, scientist ladies & gents
Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable
// ouch... but at *that* price, maybe a lambasting is deserved
happy 4th of July! brought to you in part by ar0cketman; thank you :)
good direction for basic research... the results may prove very useful. "these so-called super atoms (clusters of 13 silver atoms, for example) behave in the same way as individual atoms and have opened up a whole new branch of chemistry."
extraordinary footage of Taipei 101's 730-ton tuned mass damper reacting to the May earthquake.
i wonder if this has practical applications relating to communications, weather or power-generation
A treatise on electricity and magnetism, by James Clerk Maxwell
a 17 year old kid just built one of these in his basement, with parts off of ebay :D
such an ambitious project -- a homemade scanning tunneling electron microscope for around $100
LHC activation in 3... 2... 1... :)
a damaged hard drive from one of the science experiments was recovered... and its data allowed researchers to complete their analysis
magic?? ehh, it's got to be physics! :)

the story may be embellished... still love the sentiment :) plus, LOL!
Music File Compressed 1,000 Times Smaller than MP3
yes... getting closer... i know this will work well eventually :)
cool, the laws of physics are wrong. i love when that happens.
very good documentary on our understanding of gravity
fun animation! where do pulsars come from
an enlightening and thought provoking episode on light. the introductory history section is a little slow, but worth watching in preparation for a fascinating demonstration at the end
i'm no physicist, but i'm sure that directly modulating the uncertainty of the vacuum is very, very strange. i wonder if these guys will be awarded a nobel
this is excellent. in science, the biggest head-scratchers can lead to the best new models. with luck, maybe this will help us connect gravity and quantum mechanics (just hoping...)
apparently the machine retains a very strong field even when power is off

whatever this is, i like it!
congratulations, the newest calculations are great! but... "...even though the six-quark theory explains all experiments carried out to date, its intrinsic asymmetry between quarks and anti-quarks appears to be too weak to account for the matter-anti-matter asymmetry implied by our observable universe. Entirely new ideas and phenomena may well be required before this puzzle is understood." wheee, still have a little way to go :D
inspired by creationist arguments, these mean-spirited yet well-constructed lessons in physics (and other scientific disciplines) are both fascinating and enlightening
this made me lol. i'm guessing newton had a lot of cats

Gell-Mann is amazingly smart -- a funny and engaging speaker, in this quick talk about how the complexity of the physical world rests on incredibly simple fundamental physics
cool; there's a biiiiig magnet in that tank :)

uv led + zinc sulfide = drawing board with glowing trails

new experimental results imply "...if we wish to maintain the view that reality exists independent of our measurements (e.g. the moon is there even if we don't look at it), we are forced to accept that the world is nonlocal"
rainbow kids -- they're kind of starting to look like zombies though. hmm...

98% efficient Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Motor.

now *that* is an efficient motor
aha! i *knew* there was something funny going on in this universe... just couldn't put my finger on it until now ;)
A physics textbook! There's math in here, but I like it anyway. :)