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great integration of photography, electronics, and video
Andy Warhol’s Polaroids of Sports Champions
navigation is a little awkward, but this is a nice collection of materials... including music
i think these pics prove cats can worry :)
amazing photos of Saturn, its rings and its moons. found fresh in Categorian's Library :)
great shot of peanut butter cookies coming out of the oven
if you carry nuts into here, mobs of squirrels will practically hunt you down :)

beautiful photo-essay on restoration of a fine pair of shoes. brought to you by xtine66; thank you Mme. :)
incredible shot of san francisco burned-out ruins. i'm sad to see it. snagged from caffeina
nikola tesla was here. tesla designed the power system for the electric lighting, and westinghouse built it

inflation: if you just keep printing money, this is what you get :(
Detroit's Heidelberg Project "Using art to provoke thought, promote discussion, inspire action and heal communities..." thanks to xtine66
i usually don't go for composites, but this is a good one :)

"Truely, corn can express more colors than a rainbow..." quoth ar0cketman
note: to those of you who chose pink backgrounds for your pages, OMG MY EYES ;)

things will look better after the financial sector is done collapsing

plastic bubble helmet, topped with an atom skewered by an antenna, plus cowboy boots. classic style ;)
i have great compassion for everyone affected by disasters. that said, these are some amazing photos
great pics of slime molds. seriously.
outstanding shot, done with the water's own optics

black holes have been getting a lot of press lately. pretty good, considering they were in the realm of science fiction not so long ago...

i'm pretty sure we can write-in whomever we like

thanks to a new pipe wrench, my tubes are clear again. hooray! :D
had to snag this. that is a *big* hill ;)

what a fantastic shot :D
from the page: "Unfortunately, we're not cool enough to run on your OS yet. We really wish we had a version of Photosynth that worked cross platform, but for now it only runs on Windows.

Trust us, as soon as we have a Mac version ready, it will be up and available on our site."
the style of the painting and the girl's hair match perfectly :)

turning videos into flipbooks... i love low-tech tech. thanks to stocktrader :)
whew, engineers are getting really good at extracting information from series of images
i used to ride the cable car to school in the morning... for 35 cents. UPDATE: it's $3 now

i have no idea what einstein on a dollar bill has to do with fireworks
like the galactic center, where stars get sucked in

it looks like it's made of milk chocolate. i must be getting hungry ;)

this is kind of odd... am i supposed to watch out for speeding buses? :)

what this story needs is a 56 point bold headline. yeah, that's the ticket
happy moon landing day! thanks to ar0cketman for the reminder:

the statue of liberty being constructed in france
The Trough & Tile ;) i love mosaics, even when they're random and in a bathroom

the library card-catalog was an early relational database

i just built a joule thief on a breadboard... it works! :) but remind me not to buy parts from radio shack; their packaging materials for the transistors have the wrong callouts for E B C :(

heh, why does this shot remind me of NASA's Phoenix lander ;)

i'm guessing this frog's amazing color helps it avoid being eaten :)

great colors & process in this faux vintage shot
i like these photos taken with pinhole cameras
optical magic: "Images of the sun during a solar eclipse through the leaves of a tree"
edward scissorhands lives in new orleans?

excellent collection of Pics from The Library of Congress
stencil art from the Cans Festival (video links on flickr page)

considering this photo was taken from orbit around another planet, it's an *incredible* shot. also sent my way by ar0cketman; muchos gracias senor
instead of turning it into ethanol, why not just eat it

The Universe In Color. great astro images
nice logo, although it looks more like malevolent robotic donuts have conquered the world....

nice portrait, i'm gonna look like this guy some day
it was stormy last night & this morning... a lot of people lost power

photos: industrial design of Sinclair computers and other gadgets. includes design sketches

cool design theme - resembles real alligators! :) brought to you in part by ar0cketman

something about this kid's expression... "you're freakin me out man!" :)

this made me lol. i'm guessing newton had a lot of cats

this is kind of a weird shot - i like the sparkles
ok, it's no wierder than the wreath pic down below... :)

the thing appears to get its power from a series of tubes

cold weather makes me hungry for ice cream. arrgh, sugar cravings :(

my mammals, let me show you them

(it's a panda baby!)
a tsunami of randomness, just like some people i know...
big wheels rider -- classic san francisco

personality & shoes always match :D thanx X
wow. church of the supercomputer... sort of looks like the nyc apple store :)
i'm not sure what this is, but it's kind of cool looking

you should see what they do to parking violators :(

Cruggs... a sign of mankind's search for the ultimate in foot comfort?? :D
another ar0cketman find; muchas gracias seor! :)
Hmm, looks like it was designed by a refugee from the planet Polygonia

"rendezvous in the data bank"
i know, 3 from the same photo group... but just look at this stuff!

rainbow kids -- they're kind of starting to look like zombies though. hmm...

Copyright Island is one of my favorite vacation spots ;)

reminds me of skating with the neighborhood kids, when i was young. i had a good relationship with the pavement... :)

Ultra mod clock. This thing is packed with transistors (*6* of them).

Seen on on flickr. Smart ass industrial designers are on the loose today!

Cool, I never knew what was under those glass sidewalks

a walk on the underside of San Francisco to see where the glass sidewalk plugs go.
Beautiful photos of classic computer keyboards. Gorgeous designs from Apple (frogdesign), IBM, and others.
Glass Slipper
Sent in by moderntimes AND Smilesr4u. It's gorgeous... thanks Orla & Smiles !!
Galleries: "Erotic pictures of beautiful women in fashionable high-heeled shoes".
Yes, I agree. :)
More Galleries! Shoe fetish this time. Ahh, nice. Thanks to "Morgaine's Research Archives"!! :)
Shoes Gallery. Very good, what a find!! Thank You Morgaine!
Weird Pic. I feel weird after seeing this pic. Plus, I clicked Back and saw some of the other pics too. Very weird... :)
Amazing Clouds
Remember those really cool cloud effects in Flash Gordon the movie? Nebraska got some of that, for real. Wow.
Beautiful Photos
Morgaine sent in this lovely set from flickr. Thank you Morgaine!