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This is insane, yet fascinating. Also see solution link at bottom of page.
Brought to you by John McCarthy, creator of LISP.
"Wolfram suggests that the theory of computational irreducibility may provide a resolution to the existence of free will in a nominally deterministic universe. He posits that the computational process in the brain of the being with free will is actually complex enough so that it cannot be captured in a simpler computation, due to the principle of computational irreducibility. Thus while the process is indeed deterministic, there is no better way to determine the being's will than to essentially run the experiment and let the being exercise it."

this made me happy, even though i don't like it :-?
"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." ~Aristotle
it's not who wrote the idea that's important, it's the idea itself :)
wow, that's interesting (audio could be better). poor phil donahue meets his match :)

a teacher notices the "impostor phenomenon" in students: "they all think I'm great but I know better"
i love it! the minimalist style and dialogue are outstanding :D click to "read" the whole conversation
interesting... the last third of this excerpt appears to be an intelligent rant against fiat currency
whew, here are some strong opinions... i appreciate seeing other points of view :)
as an engineer and not a philosopher, i approve of science because it produces *useful* results... not because it "proves" existential truths :)
the future benefits of any action are speculative, we just have to do our best and muddle through :)
fascinating; i've been a long-time subscriber to the "labor is noble" theory myself. i better rethink that...