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the original. yes, it is awesome XD muchos kudos

flashy... i prefer the simplicity of kraftwerk's lighting/video design
"The band is notoriously reclusive; providing rare and enigmatic interviews, using life size mannequins and robots to conduct official photo shoots, refusing to accept mail and not allowing visitors at the Kling Klang Studio. [...] anyone trying to contact the band for collaboration would be told the studio telephone did not have a ringer, since during recording, the band did not like to hear any kind of noise pollution. Instead, callers were instructed to phone the studio precisely at a certain time, whereupon the phone would be answered by Ralf Hutter, despite never hearing the phone ring."
in the hands of isabella rossellini, insect reproduction becomes classical drama. these are weird, just like bugs & critters in real life.
these are outstanding! :D isabella rossellini's bug biology lessons show how nature all around us is filled with amazing drama. kids of the future will watch these routinely, i'm sure. btw, the *snail* is a little risque :)