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outstanding shot, done with the water's own optics

i'm impressed, more than by that "invisibility cloak" stuff
wow. this is so fricken advanced i can barely understand any of it
super cool technology to greatly improve the light sensitivity of computer-imaged pinhole cameras

wow, this sounds like a major breakthrough in imaging technology... From the page: "A comparison has shown that an artificial compound eye lens can transfer information with an effective image resolution of 625 x 625 pixels although the number of actually available image pixels is limited to 50 x 50"
awesome! i love sawn-in-half stuff... and had no idea the complexity of cameras' optical systems :O no wonder they're expensive
simple sensor to help spacecraft maintain normal attitude relative to a light source (e.g., the sun)
Principles of the Microlens-enhanced Nipkow Disk Scanning Technology
good explanation... with a sensitive enough light detector or long enough exposure, this technique eliminates the need for a traditional lens
optical magic: "Images of the sun during a solar eclipse through the leaves of a tree"
a lot of interesting info on how color vision works
see clearly through a pinhole instead of glasses
amazing, it actually works
LIGHT MODULATION VIA ULTRASOUND... maybe this is only of historical interest, but i'd still like to see a home video projector that works off this principle -- relatively cheap & few moving parts :)
wow, serious diy electronics & laser experiment
rainbow kids -- they're kind of starting to look like zombies though. hmm...