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neat! i saw one of these today (but without any headache :)
i have some of the abilities they mention. it seems to run in the family.
increased amygdala activation correlated with decreased depression scores
this is an important hint for my long-term research project :)
:D :D :D
that was worth watching allll the way through
is this a detriment?
*or* is it the perfect complement to hours of intense concentration? hmm...
it's rare that something makes me gasp
"For the first time, neuroscientists find brain cells that keep track of time with extreme precision."

i've only read the introduction so far, but these ideas are right on target
limited intelligence, but very cool anyway. a single cell is much smarter than expected
we'll figure out how to build an "electronic brain" pretty soon :)
humorous, interesting, and potentially useful. go, go amateur pharmacologists! ;)
"Listener Anticipates Speaker's Word Choice"
awesome. robert hecht-nielsen's theory of cognition will be proved right sooner or later :D :D
From the page: "Anyone who has watched one fly chasing another at incredibly high speed, without crashing or bumping into anything, can appreciate the high-end flight performance of these animals. [...] They can update and process visual information more than ten times faster than humans, which is vital for an insect that relies on fast sensory feedback to maintain its agility."
we're getting closer and closer to understanding the machinery. the imaging technique they used sounds amazingly high-resolution
wow, astrocytes seem to be doing a lot of work... this gives neuroscientists much more territory to explore
excellent article on the nature of consciousness, from an ai standpoint
seen it... but it is classic humor. see recent article on what makes things funny
neat... i'd guess that any animal with mirror neurons will be able to recognize itself; there's gotta be a feedback loop in order for it to work :)
mmm, the benefits of coffee without having to drink it. that sounds good to me :)
this would actually explain why mathematical genius John von Neumann stared at womens' legs while thinking
this is really good, i think it gives insights into how the human mind works
teamwork may make an organization smarter, but interruptions make its individuals dumber :(
"Researcher: Fish Don't Feel Pain"
hmm, i think this warrants further study
oh yeah, like scientists are *evvvvver* going to understand how the brain works ;D
uh-oh, this may be bad news for people exposed to EMF, especially people with heart conditions. might be a good idea to rig up an EM meter and scan the bedroom for pulsating fields :-/
"Florida scientists have grown a brain in a petri dish and taught it to pilot an F-22 jet simulator."
// aw, that has nothing to do with travolta
computers are a lot like the brain, in that they both process information. here are some of the many differences. one of the best perspectives i've read on this topic is the classic book The Computer And The Brain, by one of computing's founding fathers John von Neumann. it's an excellent read.
that's odd... i was just reading about how practiced tibetan monks have vastly increased gamma wave activity (an indication of attention). from the page: "If there's excessive attention, it somehow creates mental fixation," he notes. "Your brain is not in a receptive condition." i wonder how these findings relate. google search re monks:
aliens? the same guy who calls when i'm in the shower?
a side note: tests performed on certain AI systems, exposing them to large numbers of complex patterns (language, like music) show very clear results -- check out this man's work: Professor Robert Hecht-Nielsen. i'm fascinated by his "sentence continuation" experiments
nasty -- research shows that amalgam tooth fillings, and mercury in general, are bad for brain health :(

Neuroscience! New guy in town, I like where you're headed :) Welcome, and keep up the fine stumblin'