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wow! this is well head of its time :D
i've been listening to a little too much gary numan... but this *is* excellent :)
i love this solo. surprisingly, eddie doesn't explode! :)

:D awesome... very exciting with a big orchestra!
i wish i could have seen this in person
another great classical arrangement for the japanese lute
this looks really cool: good-quality pdf downloads of sheet music :)
auto-tune strikes again
navigation is a little awkward, but this is a nice collection of materials... including music
an outstanding, must-see art piece. really incredible in person
very good piano music; Eric Satie is one of my favorite composers

another Herrmann classic. i think i thumbed this up once before... but it's a really good piece so here we go again :D

hermann's scores have that refreshing dash of insanity

another outstanding piece by Bernard Herrmann, plus cool title sequence :)

the perfect palate cleanser after listening to cyriak's electronica

the original. yes, it is awesome XD muchos kudos

check out the *unbelievably* primitive drum pads

wow, listen all the way through
heh heh, Frampton has a clever idea... sounds good to me :)

whoa, somebody turned on motion tracking :) i like seeing scenes from objects' frames of reference
XD terrific music plus just over-the-top opening credits

The Trons all-robot band... cool, like an anti-Kraftwerk :D
Montana Skies cello & guitar
cool, man. lifted from andreacv oh, and... it's her birfday

he's the paganini of water glasses :D
excellent work. classic recordings can now be automatically picked apart for use in new compositions... with high sound quality
ingenious, music made from recycled windows sound effects! :D

perfect for a rainy day like today! thanks to tweakerbell :)

cyriak is a little bit psycho, as evidenced by his recent LHC webcam... and his music sounds so much better when not played on a 1" computer speaker! ;) lifted from billjb
a few nice unusual music instruments, with sound samples
this is just mind-bogglingly awesome to be on a kids' tv show

impressive playing, i loved it

yes! i lovvve steel drums :D in case the link above fails, video is here

bwahahahahaaa!! i still love those guys. warning: contains teeth-grinding dissonance :D
very impressive, for guys with... no... pants :)

funky slugs, thanx to smilesR4U

great piece of Bernard Herrmann film score - includes spooky theremin! (repost with more robust link)

Catchy, colorful, cathartic. Welcome back to the 1980's, and Good-bye to yooo-ooooooooooo... Good-bye to *you*!

A truly spectacular live performance, of one of Eddie's personal favorites. And a rare instance where Dave remembers the words to this song...

Two buddies beat a vibraphone to death. If you like jazz vibraphone, this pummeling is worth waiting for (music starts at about 3 minutes).

A little-known, sad and beautiful Van Halen instrumental (from Twister movie soundtrack end credits)

[note: video's imagery is not related to the music]

An overlooked, dark Van Halen tune (with Sammy)

Malmsteen hamming it up with the New Japan Philharmonic