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thomas gold's classic hypothesis on subterranean life and the origin of oil
limited intelligence, but very cool anyway. a single cell is much smarter than expected
more details on Desulforudis audaxviator, the cool bacterium that can eke out a living all by its lonely self... by virtue of having collected the right pieces of dna
hungry bacteria chow down on gasoline under the ocean floor
impressive! i'm very glad to have these little guys looking out for me :)
thomas gold's theory on how petroleum may be created not from fossilized plants, but from methane deep in the earth's crust. meanwhile, bacteria in the crust slowly eat away at the oil as a food source.

this is a great read; see pdf download link on the page.

if the theory is right, we will have an enormous supply of petroleum -- not that i'd advocate wasting any... and yes, we should vigorously pursue alternative, unlimited, nonpolluting energy sources.
i wonder if crushed diatoms would be a good source of phosphorus for plants...