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i have great compassion for everyone affected by disasters. that said, these are some amazing photos
Average Temperature Profile of the Atmosphere. good to know, if you'll be traveling dozens of kilometers through the upper atmosphere :)
From the page: "For decades, scientists studying climate change have measured the oxygen isotope ratio in tree-ring cellulose to determine the ambient temperature and relative humidity of past climates. The assumption in all of these studies was that tree leaf temperatures were equal to ambient temperatures.

Researchers at Penn, using measures of oxygen isotopes and current climate, determined a way to estimate leaf temperature in living trees and as a consequence showed this assumption to be incorrect."
i wonder if this has practical applications relating to communications, weather or power-generation
a car is slowly washed down the street in this texas flood. includes appropriate commentary.

beautiful time-lapse footage of a weather effect

perfect for a rainy day like today! thanks to tweakerbell :)

radio projects, homemade tubes (valves), earphones, electro-mechanical amplifiers, etc. cool stuff
Amazing Clouds
Remember those really cool cloud effects in Flash Gordon the movie? Nebraska got some of that, for real. Wow.