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This is insane, yet fascinating. Also see solution link at bottom of page.
Brought to you by John McCarthy, creator of LISP.
it's the beginning of a new age of anti-bacterial treatments
"We are enrolling members of the public who are willing to share their genome sequence and other personal information with the scientific community and the general public."

:O wow!
hope, in the race against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
From the page: "Some hospitals fear lawsuits. If they screened every patient, results would show who already had the germ upon admission, and who picked it up while in the hospital. Patients could then blame the hospital for their infections."
let's only use this as a last possible resort... no need to waste a perfectly good last stand
improving people's health by helping germs evolve. it's real, and a real good idea. swiped from caffeina. note: presentation is bumpy, but the message is an important one

this is an unusual condition, but doctors should be honest with their patients! :(
impressive progress... this data will give a boost to medical research in many areas
fascinating!! this could be quite important. eat your vegetables, dear
hopefully the new strains won't develop even more-damaging ways to compensate for their lack of acid resistance... :-/