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this theory is really important... we'll see its application in economics and social networks in the coming decade.
a rocket toilet with a u.s. of a. steering wheel. reminiscent of anything? more rocket art on this page, thanks to ar0cketman :)
one of the websites of tim hunkin, an inspiration to electrical and mechanical engineers, inventors and kinetic artists alike
"The Corpus Clock and The Chronophage"
gorgeous new clock design... video is worth watching all the way to the end
a great introduction to the construction and operation of alternators. thanks to ar0cketman for the find :D
a 3D printing service... very interesting :)
look at the little guy go!! XD i'm impressed he took on the stairs so easily
that thing's crazy! it's like the guy tried to compress all of mechanical engineering into one woodworking project :) amazing, and chock full of ideas
fun! these guys have much patience... plus i suspect they're pyros ;) thanks to stocktrader

based on newly discovered principles of animal locomotion, Robert Full introduces robots surprisingly agile for their simple construction (one of them, RHex, is really cute!)
awesome! i love sawn-in-half stuff... and had no idea the complexity of cameras' optical systems :O no wonder they're expensive
happy 4th of July! brought to you in part by ar0cketman; thank you :)
The Trons all-robot band... cool, like an anti-Kraftwerk :D
i don't know if it lives up to its claims, but the cams look cool :)
extraordinary footage of Taipei 101's 730-ton tuned mass damper reacting to the May earthquake.
really good introduction on where to salvage stepper motors and how to put them to work
a key component of the original, mechanical television technology. the rotating disk acts as an image scanner so a single photodetector can encode the entire scene

a good and somewhat over-the-top speech from 1886 on the wonders of a new metal, aluminum
nice... is this how those self-winding watches work

minsky proposes an approach to design based on the assumption that parts of the machine are going to break

head of TVR discusses their cars' design for safety -- which does *not* include ABS or airbags... a good read
magic?? ehh, it's got to be physics! :)

a solution to improve elevator service... great concept
this must the most over-engineered spud gun ever. great technical walk-through though... full of good design ideas

the space shuttle's external fuel tank is more interesting than it seems :)
the boring solution wins the prize. good engineering :)
"i can't stand up!"
this cool halloween attraction is from here: Vortex Tunnel

remarkable piece of calculating machinery. the victorians would have been blown away i reckon

there seems to be some controversy over the merits of this design. in any case, i'm happy to see people contribute their designs & ideas, at least as an inspiration to others
cool advanced solar power generator design -- i hope it works!
bizarre and funny short on various applications of springs

amazing -- nice renditions of ingenious mechanical systems (uses Flash)