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i was very impressed with the timeline :)
This is insane, yet fascinating. Also see solution link at bottom of page.
Brought to you by John McCarthy, creator of LISP.
"Wolfram suggests that the theory of computational irreducibility may provide a resolution to the existence of free will in a nominally deterministic universe. He posits that the computational process in the brain of the being with free will is actually complex enough so that it cannot be captured in a simpler computation, due to the principle of computational irreducibility. Thus while the process is indeed deterministic, there is no better way to determine the being's will than to essentially run the experiment and let the being exercise it."

note to self: objects appear to be "manifolds"
note to self: an algorithm describes twists and connectivity of a state space. this defines processing that will occur if the space is embodied in a real machine and symbols placed into the space.
dijkstra -- i think we're onto something, buddy :)
in considering the topology of the state space, time is treated as a dimension.
the shape of the space is independent of the data that's put in it; the shape defines processing.
the connections between sub-spaces are object methods.
"Eureqa is a software tool for detecting equations and hidden mathematical relationships in your data. Its primary goal is to identify the simplest mathematical formulas which could describe the underlying mechanisms that produced the data. Eureqa is free to download and use."
heartwarming story of a victory in mathematics. lifted from c0smocuriosity
i wouldn't discount game theory, it may still be the basis for economics and international politics.
neat web app: converts from one set of measurement units, into tangible examples
hmm, the sequence of squares is related to the sequence of odd numbers

a mathematical discussion of growth and decay, sponsored by the letter E :)
that's just weird... it makes perfect sense, but it's still weird :)
if a guy wants to fall in love with plots of mathematical functions, that's all right with me...
"Mr. Hall said he was not surprised at the experts' insistence that the probability was 1 out of 2. "That's the same assumption contestants would make on the show after I showed them there was nothing behind one door," he said. "They'd think the odds on their door had now gone up to 1 in 2, so they hated to give up the door no matter how much money I offered. By opening that door we were applying pressure. We called it the Henry James treatment. It was 'The Turn of the Screw.' "

Mr. Hall said he realized the contestants were wrong, because the odds on Door 1 were still only 1 in 3 even after he opened another door. Since the only other place the car could be was behind Door 2, the odds on that door must now be 2 in 3. "
awareness of the importance of math is a good reason for a holiday, imo :)
knots, and lots of them
funny history lesson about numbers... great reminder of how important basic discoveries are
formula for calculating the volume of a pizza