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i'm reposting this because it's so interesting... and this version is all in one piece :)
i noticed this too. apple has carefully designed their product lines to make this happen :)
good marketing can sell anything. remember this when voting for politicians
From the page: "The Internet helps people eliminate irrelevant alternatives"
From the page: "The best way to get accurate information on Usenet is to post something wrong and wait for corrections."
- Matthew Austern

// an early recipe for Wikipedia :)
as we enter the age of "green", here's something to watch out for.

btw, has anyone started missing the previous age yet? you remember, the "extreme" age: "extreme" corn chips, "extreme" laundry detergent, etc ;)
This fake sales pitch looks *so* familiar... Points out the pitchmanship we've all been soaking up for the past 50 years. :)
I do NOT suggest doing this!! So, don't do it! Thank you.