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the shadow is a dead giveaway... clearly the back leg of the machine is off the ground ;)
heh heh, perfect every time
i like these... the wire gears have a certain charm
machines for making one-off solid metal parts from cad files, via electron beam melting

this machine is one of the most viscerally scary things i've ever seen

nice... is this how those self-winding watches work

was it designed to do this? update: it *was* designed to do this!
tim hunkin... i never get enough of this guy :) hunkin demonstrates trial and error in industrial design
fun! hunkin shows off his arcade games and demonstrates how mechanical arcade machines work

excellent, as always - history of the watch

Seen on on flickr. Smart ass industrial designers are on the loose today!

Pure organic machinery art, straight from the artist. Plus quality stumbles -- go see! :)
Letter from Nikola Tesla questioning why engineers haven't built a more-efficient, hybrid car yet... in 1904!!