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gahh, i'm wrong!! see if you can figure out these simple problems :)
i think asimov's laws of robotics should be applied to government. after all, government *is* a kind of machine designed to serve and protect humanity
interesting, but i suspect the conclusion is false: the human mind does not run on logic, and it's possible to construct thinking machines that don't either
"Mr. Hall said he was not surprised at the experts' insistence that the probability was 1 out of 2. "That's the same assumption contestants would make on the show after I showed them there was nothing behind one door," he said. "They'd think the odds on their door had now gone up to 1 in 2, so they hated to give up the door no matter how much money I offered. By opening that door we were applying pressure. We called it the Henry James treatment. It was 'The Turn of the Screw.' "

Mr. Hall said he realized the contestants were wrong, because the odds on Door 1 were still only 1 in 3 even after he opened another door. Since the only other place the car could be was behind Door 2, the odds on that door must now be 2 in 3. "
great story about using logic to solve difficult problems. i'd say the moral is: when faced with an intractable problem, use brute force! ;)