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note to self: "Many students were surprised to learn that not all languages have a writing system, and that some, like Chinese, use symbols based on units of meaning rather than sound."
really clever trick-or-treat signs :)
hah, this is beautiful. linguophiles, go see
strong accents can be hilarious... i have a hard enough time ordering sushi over the phone
chinese people, what's your english name? :) sent in by vavavoommm

phrase of the day: SCOT FREE, as in "they got away scot free"
"Listener Anticipates Speaker's Word Choice"
awesome. robert hecht-nielsen's theory of cognition will be proved right sooner or later :D :D
:) "if you could pass the guacamole, that would be awesome"
we've got a lot more pressing matters to attend than keeping each other from saying a few silly words and phrases, don't you think?
as much as we old-timers try to resist... the young people control the future of language, yo
the phrase "yeah no". yeah i like it, and no it's not going away :)
Example: "X called. He wants his Y back." Big list of different formulaic patterns.