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Purpose: to set limits on government actions in regard to personal liberties.
5 students out of 2,700. this is how our ridiculously complex system of laws came about :(
I'm thumbing this up to highlight the issue. The US Constitution forbids discrimination based on race, gender etc. We don't have to call it marriage, but clearly if some adult couples are allowed special legal rights, then the federal government must allow all adult couples the same rights -- and states are *required* to comply. Those legal rights are not a religious issue.
Therefore, NO ON PROP 8
now all we have to do is "accidentally" get everyone into one or another database, and ta-da, instant police state
From the page: "How about the Ayatolla of Copyrightolla?"
this makes perfect sense to me... except, the state shouldn't run any of these courts; and if a ruling calls for an action illegal by civil law, then it can't possibly be enforced by the state.

otherwise, why not let parties solve their problems with any system they *all agree* to use. and if they don't *all agree*, then go to the darn civil court! :)
interesting discussion re:copyrights in the digg comments
what a mess, but this is always the case when re-interpreting existing laws for new technology... especially in an "extremely primitive and paranoid culture" (James T Kirk ;)
is anyone else tired of the world being set up as a never-ending pile of exceptions? :-/
interesting opinion... we've gotten ourselves into quite a pickle these days, having placed importance only on making money. thanks for the find, ar0cketman
Theft By Deception - Deciphering The Federal Income Tax - 87 min.

Amazing. Cut through the tedious intricacies, and this is simply amazing.

This excellent documentary shows that the U.S. Constitution denies congress the power to impose federal taxes on our income. When studied closely, the tax codes themselves yield evidence of tampering to obscure this limitation. (Shades of Wikipedia)

According to thorough and methodically presented evidence, U.S. citizens have been illegally paying federal taxes for several decades.

I'm entirely in favor of funding things we as a people deem critical and important... but it appears that federal income taxes are not the means we are supposed to use to raise those funds. Fixing this error will require a lot of further dialog.
From the page: "Not only am I unintimidated by litigation; I sometimes rather miss it." thanks to ar0cketman :)
i suspect we'll see more of this type of lack-of-recognizable-organization social movement, now that the internet makes possible instant mass-adoption of shared ideals and emergent coordination of activity
and chicken isn't considered meat, right? this looks like a case of creating artificial concepts and then splitting hairs about them
what an amazing turn of events. money from the era of the gold/silver standard is not entirely compatible with modern currency, but it's still legal tender, and is still circulating! :D let's "hope" not too many people find out about this loophole before the fed/treasury can outlaw/confiscate, er, retire all gold & silver coins ;)