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wow, i'll have to read this post a few times to get all the meat out of it
hmm, here's an interesting point of view
he's making a good point... but since everyone invests in the stock market to generate their retirement money, how are we going to improve this
Investments sold by US Treasury that are pinned to the consumer price index as insurance against inflation. lifted from mdagosta
peter schiff correctly reads our national balance sheet, back in 2006

an early warning about derivatives, published back in 1994. did we listen? heck no. snagged from stocktrader
Greenspan Concedes He 'Found a Flaw' in His Free-Market Ideology.

Yeah, he "overlooked" this:
very, very interesting insider's view. thanks to xtine66 for forwarding :)
dumping newly printed cash into the economy will create another bubble -- the money has to go somewhere in order to grow. so, get ready to hop on board the next wave... we have 5-7 years of bubble-inflation before the next one pops. the question is, where will the next bubble be... energy? food? a new healthcare industry?
good explanation of why venture capitalists look for a potential 20x return from each new prospect
note: depending on interest rates, paying off debt can give a greater financial gain than investing in stocks or other instruments
good demonstration of what stock traders call an "inefficient market": some traders know important facts, others don't
Warren Buffett's portfolio. part of why it works... well, who *doesn't* need to shampoo their hair?
ah capitalism. hedging makes a certain sense, but taking advantage of the rising price for profit... seems to me that only makes the situation worse
this might be good, or might be bad, i'm just really tired of seeing it pop up
what happened with the mortgage loans. now this is an explanation i can understand
"Is selling puts a good way to enter a stock?" interesting, i'll have to look into this further
Good description of how Futures trading works (see "Explanation of climax scene"). Oh, and Trading Places is a funny movie too :) -- SPOILER ALERT --