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... but note that family fun fitness has been reincarnated on wii :)
thanks to clever use of surface tension, astronauts may no longer have to drink out of bags using straws

"It appears that bathrooms have a key role to play in bringing on brainwaves. Greek scientist Archimedes is reported to have shouted "Eureka!" ("I have found it!") after the spillage of water from his bath helped him understand how to measure volume."

snagged from geoff
Paul MacCready gives a charming talk mainly about his Gossamer human powered aircraft... and how he started that project to win the prizes that got him out of debt :)
great invention, a low cost portable refrigeration unit that can be powered by a cooking fire
simple sensor to help spacecraft maintain normal attitude relative to a light source (e.g., the sun)
if this pans out, brown university stands to make a bundle licensing the material for every package of CFL bulbs
great great great great grandmother of the ipod
tim hunkin... i never get enough of this guy :) hunkin demonstrates trial and error in industrial design
fun! hunkin shows off his arcade games and demonstrates how mechanical arcade machines work

excellent, as always - history of the watch

fantastic, very entertaining documentary on how the elevator works... i'm going to end up blogging this entire series

i love these shows... this one is a fascinating look at the technology & history of fax machines