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That "multi-tiered internet" idea has come up again.

I think it sounds fine in theory, but I believe in reality it would end up raising costs and thus hindering smaller organizations... even us at Categorian.

I signed the petition above to support keeping internet service costs the way they are.

Thanks to AirToob and bottletop for bringing it to my attention :)
is this a detriment?
*or* is it the perfect complement to hours of intense concentration? hmm...
Harnad, Stevan. "Post-Gutenberg Galaxy: The Fourth Revolution
in the Means of Production of Knowledge." The Public-Access
Computer Systems Review 2, no. 1 (1991): 39-53.

very interesting summary of communications revolutions, and the author's 1991 experiments with internet Discussion Groups
yes, but SU doesn't specifically review local businesses and restaurants
A 2002 version of StumbleUpon's Learn More page.

From the page: "Often the best sites are the hardest ones to find, and stumbleupon lets you share these gems you come across with other community members."

I think this is the essence of StumbleUpon.
this service poses an interesting challenge for stumbleupon -- it's similar in principle to some of gmc's original research in social search technology.

i think stumbleupon still has competitive advantages: its collection of demographic data, and the network of friends, both of which can be leveraged to deliver better content and more narrowly targeted advertising. that and a library of rated sites.

whether stumbleupon decides to pursue improvements, or allows buzzbox to become the google to stumbleupon's yahoo, is another story.
quicker way to find a unique username across multiple services
Who is Anonymous. a surprisingly intelligent description of a social phenomenon worth keeping an eye on
and those tax breaks to implement u.s. fiber infrastructure were all siphoned off as well :(
a variety of cool shoe & boot designs :) thanks to xtine66!
i can understand why nsa would want to scan all the traffic crossing through main internet hubs... it's a great way to potentially overhear something important. if you look at unencrypted internet traffic as information flowing through a "public space", one might even consider the eavesdropping to be legal and legitimate. unfortunately for most of us citizens, keeping our internet communications and activities private is technically challenging, and in many cases impossible.
headline should read "50% of dial-up users want broadband, but don't have affordable access"
lol! i remember seeing that giant grin... a guy i worked with back in '91 had it one day :D fortunately there were backups and he didn't disappear ;)
let's keep the internet open for free speech and innovation
haha, the mars lander has a twitter feed :D
From the page: "The Internet helps people eliminate irrelevant alternatives"
ahh, and here's the original; much more concise
you might consider it humor, but i see it as insight into the thought process of the internet
when the population is extricated from passive entertainment and exposed to media that encourage active collaborative contribution, we can create incredible things together
i'd venture a guess that collaboration will increase the overall rate of scientific advancement by several times
coral may be the internet's content-object distribution system of the future
this worked great! my second server is now accessible via a separate public IP address. i upgraded the router firmware to DD-WRT v23 sp2 first though.
good picks! the ones i've seen have been excellent.
this is the neatest way i've ever seen to learn geography
hasn't "plagiarism" like this been happening for decades?? in other words, since when have kids stopped emulating their celebrity idols?
great 60's photos of workers in a Bell Labs data center
excellent talk on communications network history & future internet protocol
heh heh, true to life Internets T-Shirt! Note to self: wow, the Internets is becoming very efficient at marketing :O
Bezos compares the current state of the Internet to the gold rush and the early electric industry. He's a good speaker... I like that guy. :)