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these guys are doing a ton of work to commercialize low cost high efficiency led lighting
cubic rocks used to cool drinks. remind anyone else of SNL skit Quarry, The Cereal Made From Stone? ;D "Better tasting 'cause it's mined."
brilliant mosaic interpretations as interior design. thanks to andreacv! :D
there's already dna all over your house, but this just looks better
i hope this is accurate, because it's a great, easy-to-read summary :D
these standards should make LED lighting easier to pick out
furniture made from coins. that's a lot of welding!
i love this "Geometri" fabric pattern... it's a classic
incredible interior design
Haxwell makes a good point, they are really expensive :-/ but, you've gotta start somewhere, and maybe competition from imitators can bring the price down :)
architect shows off his approach for embiggening a small house