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hmm... something's wrong with this picture. wouldn't the total loss of value have been much less if someone just paid the however-many-thousand dollars for the firefighters to put out the fire? :(
"The U.S. spends more on health care, both as a proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) and on a per-capita basis, than any other nation in the world. Current estimates put U.S. health care spending at approximately 16% of GDP. The health share of GDP is expected to continue its historical upward trend, reaching 19.5 percent of GDP by 2017. In 2007, the U.S. spent a projected $2.26 trillion on health care, or $7,439 per person."
d'oh, machinery ruined because of Celsius vs Fahrenheit! :( dog gone it, why don't we switch to the metric system. i don't care how many "furlongs" there are in a "hogshead" ;-/
"It is important to do what you don't know how to do. It is important to see your skills as keeping you from learning what is deepest and most mysterious. If you know how to focus, unfocus. If your tendency is to make sense out of chaos, start chaos."
owww! oh... it was only a hot dog ;)