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the part starting at 5:02 is good, and the tv commercial astronaut voice-over is outstanding :D

"The Corpus Clock and The Chronophage"
gorgeous new clock design... video is worth watching all the way to the end
a good design, from its origins up to the present
looks nice, but someone keeps forgetting how little energy a human being generates when exercising... and just how much energy is required to accelerate a vehicle
a lot of these designs are quite clever. liked.
this is a beautiful kludge if i've ever seen one :)
pure innovation from the '70s. the development team at t.i. did an incredible job making this possible at a price many people could afford
sheesh, remember when devices were simple and friendly? like a watch: you put it on your wrist, and when you look at it, you see the current time.
nice & huge collection of bakelite (early plastic) consumer products
photos: industrial design of Sinclair computers and other gadgets. includes design sketches

hah, it's the iHouse! or iCoffeeHouse in this case
it's a paperclip. but once again apple industrial design is second to none
Fantastic... Apple's many "tour de force"-es of industrial design.
Ultra mod clock. This thing is packed with transistors (*6* of them).

Seen on on flickr. Smart ass industrial designers are on the loose today!

This really is a Toaster Museum. OK, not everyone admires toasters, but for some of us this is a neat study in the design of an indispensible kitchen applicance.