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Tom Gauld - Characters for an Epic Tale
outstanding work from artist James Jean... his rough pencil sketches are even better
many strange and interesting concepts are illustrated
great pencil work -- warning: page has a lot of big images; heavy loading ahead
there's some really fine work in here. this is one of the most graphic... nearly a piece of text :D
a shipload of what appear to be out-of-copyright illustrations, many of them botanical and nature-oriented
wow. seen on unigami's pages.

in case you don't recognize it, that's an upside-down golden gate bridge... the pilot is somehow doing a loop perilously close to the main cables :)

cool drawings of stereotyped drivers. bring grains of salt pls
Colorful Illustrations, so stylish & charming
B&W line art illustration of a scene using objects' names as their representations. Looks perfectly normal to me ;)