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"Affectionately comic drama about the British home computer boom of the early 1980s. Legendary inventor Clive Sinclair battles it out with ex-employee Chris Curry, founder of Acorn Computers, for dominance in the fledgling market."
bathroom humor, actually
software is all about managing state-space. i think we're closing in on a solution :)

only a slight exaggeration, i'll wager :)
i love this... it's like a funny visual haiku

with this news, that google animal translator is starting to look feasible :)
"The way David Macaulay works"
check out the comments on the page this links to. they're really funny...

auto-tune strikes again
i think these pics prove cats can worry :)
XD i love this! it's "schoolhouse rock" all over again

ingenious re-use of meme
heh heh... this reminds me that Java is the new COBOL :D
rap + unedited gecko footage = dance!
priorities :D (hey i don't want to see them either)

it's arnie, giving a spiel for friedman's economics books and videos. strange and funny, i'm not even sure how to tag this
XD click it if you love lolcats. thanks to xtine66
lol; you can still support the amortization of R&D costs for advanced alternative-energy technologies :)
brilliant. i never liked garfield comics until this happened
the part starting at 5:02 is good, and the tv commercial astronaut voice-over is outstanding :D

the shadow is a dead giveaway... clearly the back leg of the machine is off the ground ;)
no wonder everyone is voting by mail

really clever trick-or-treat signs :)
i think the humor is unintentional. interestingly, if there were a complex scientific problem we all faced, i'd be comfortable having the president rely on well qualified science advisors, understand the issue thoroughly, and then attempt to "sell us" on the best-considered solution. wouldn't you?
a couple of cat-loving engineers promote a cat for president. hey, it has its charm :)

that was painful. hey... i've got an a idea: i'm gonna tag this as satire because of the preponderance of roughly equivalent ideas to "save the economy"
hah, this is beautiful. linguophiles, go see
strong accents can be hilarious... i have a hard enough time ordering sushi over the phone
let's see, if there's 4 years in a decade...
the pies are my favorite part. snagged from caffeina

h4cks has the right idea. i think it's funny :)
Palin and Princess Diana related
"According to genealogy experts in the U.S, Sarah Palin is related to Princess Diana, and Barack Obama is one of Brad Pitt's cousins." ...And in other news, everyone is related to someone else...
attack of the meme (sort by most dugg)
this is excellent; thanks to xtine66 :D obviously more could be added
they did *not* want to be stuck in there
baseball caps and bone t-shirts will never go out of style
*not* a duplicate, but a zen-like, logical and brilliant re-use of the meme. well done.
:D that was actually funny... gold star for good re-use of meme
heh heh, perfect every time
funniest lolcat i've seen in weeks. lifted from harmonyinsanfran :)
are post-it notes the LSD of office supplies?
you don't need great public speaking skills to be a VP candidate!

"LHC webcams", how timely. i'm sure many people would like a look inside the collider. let's just say i got a kick out of watching these. thanks to cyriak the demented genius. :)
merry christmas... this is why your presents are late. thanks to ar0cketman
a towering lego tower. if that thing comes down, people could be buried in the legolith
aw this is like teaching a dog algebra... or a human, logic ;-/
i love it! the minimalist style and dialogue are outstanding :D click to "read" the whole conversation
"We've got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?" -- Lee Iacocca

I spilled my juice and water!
Keyboard is broken or missed or just keep running.
XD (bored electrical engineers) are the champions

:D it's mostly made of MMMMMM and the figure 8
seems he loved the movie, er... "in principle" ;)
phew, i thought they'd never get off that island! ;D what a good sport richard simmons is
:D now *there's* a sense of humor... i like these guys already

From the page: "Thank you for signing-up to the Shapeways beta! We appreciate your interest and hope to give you access soon. Our system will first review your application and then we will look at it manually.

This will mean that if you are unfortunate enough to actually have the first name assdf, the last name wqwewerewr or have the email adress there will be a substantial delay in your application being approved. Substantial in this case is a euphemism for: it will not happen.

Should this not be the case then there will be a slight delay while we check and process your application. Other delays might also occur as we restrict traffic to the site due to high loads on our servers. You will first get an email confirming that you have signed up and then an email confirming that you can log in.

Please be aware that actual live people need to approve your application. We are located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands(CET) and sadly still require sleep. This means that any applications that occur during our brief but necessary sleepytime will only be approved in the morning.

You could perhaps in the interim amuse yourself with our blog, although we must admit it probably will not last you the entire night.

We understand that this process is longer and more tedious than you or we would like it to be. We are currently expecting a lot of traffic and want to regulate the load on our servers so we provide you with the optimal Shapeways experience. We mean this, however corny and corporate it may sound.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Please bear with us, we will bare all in the coming weeks!

super cute robot! :D he almost looks like he's made of sugar
:D that sums things up nicely. thanks to ar0cketman
the flower beds look lovely now that all those thistles are out of the way ;)
look at the little guy go!! XD i'm impressed he took on the stairs so easily
that's a lot to spend on fake trees etc. how about nicer tower designs including some art, instead?

i have no idea what einstein on a dollar bill has to do with fireworks
since the world rests on the back of an elephant (& then turtles), elephants are clearly much larger ;)
giving personalities to parts makes system design easier :)
when there's something strange
in your neighborhood...
so ridiculous that i actually laughed :D

i lol'd (and yes, that was the first time i'd seen it :)
the customer review is the best part :D
what this story needs is a 56 point bold headline. yeah, that's the ticket
hey i can't type in the field ;)
:D heh heh, snagged from anneliese

happy moon landing day! thanks to ar0cketman for the reminder:

:D cool animation: a fresh take on a classic story. good stuff! gracias to harmonyinsanfran
:D if you can laugh at this, then you understand both points of view well
The Trough & Tile ;) i love mosaics, even when they're random and in a bathroom

but math *is* an emergency! ;D ask any member of congress
classic Steve Martin. Johnny is cracking up...

surprisingly, i lol'd. i don't mind lawyers btw :)
he was a day early! if he had pulled that on the 4th, barbecue day of the year, it just might have worked ;)
Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable
// ouch... but at *that* price, maybe a lambasting is deserved

"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky."
"Having been erased,
The document you're seeking
Must now be retyped."
heh, why does this shot remind me of NASA's Phoenix lander ;)

haha, i only like this one :D
maybe this technique could be used to round up all the "space trash" floating around in earth orbit
his "scientifically rigorous approach" is amusing
is this what chemistry nerd kids played with in the '50s? :)

as expensive tomfoolery goes, this is outstanding
no matter what your walk of life, this modern marvel is worth seeing. some will laugh, some cry, and some rejoice :D via the inimitable xtine66
seen it... but it is classic humor. see recent article on what makes things funny
:D very funny, if you love embedded systems or linux, or are interested in network security. thanks to ar0cketman for forwarding
i... think this is how some religions get started ;-/
it's the ending that's funny! the *reason* is that an evolutionary sequence like the one shown is supposed to have happened over *billions* of years :D
good demonstration of what stock traders call an "inefficient market": some traders know important facts, others don't
if i were stuck in there, i'd try to escape too
lol! i remember seeing that giant grin... a guy i worked with back in '91 had it one day :D fortunately there were backups and he didn't disappear ;)
brought to you by the Galactic Empir... er, Monsanto ;)
that's a lot better than some reviews i've read ;)
brilliant piece, and a reminder of how great the original sound effects are
this is because stock prices, dividends and market dominance are what we as corporate shareholders place value on. it's all in the structure we've set up for ourselves. we can improve things by changing that structure.
is this some kind of metaphor for capitalism? it's a fine piece of animation in any case

this cartoon has provoked a lot of discussion in the SU reviews :)
haha, the mars lander has a twitter feed :D
watch for humor at the end. thanks to ar0cketman

cyriak is a surreal creative genius
you might consider it humor, but i see it as insight into the thought process of the internet
compu-terrrrism. i hope this was intended to be funny :)
that was funnier that i thought it was going to be
From the page: "The quantity of consonants in the English language is absolutely constant. If consonants are omitted in one geographic area, they turn up in another. When a Bostonian "pahks" his "cah", the lost r's migrate southwest, causing a Texan to "warsh" his car and invest in "erl wells.""
hi-larious... i seem to remember programming in assembly language was actually this funny :)
that second-to-last one gave me a good LOL :) [warning: talll image]
good thing this was documented... so nobody else tries it :p
incredible interior design
[sarcasm] yeah, that's gonna speed up the evacuation
what the heck?? i like that guy's accent :)

a tragic comedy about modern times, written in biblical style. the hilarious opening chapter highlights the current conflict over creationism.
for a second there i had quite a laugh thinking this was wikipedia. nevertheless, good overview of the technology.
oxygen 25 cents per minute... cheap! :)
the story may be embellished... still love the sentiment :) plus, LOL!
"that's no moon... it's a space station" wait, wrong meme
a solution to improve elevator service... great concept
Quote of the day: "If I had a large amount of money I should found a hospital for those whose grip upon the world is so tenuous that they can be severely offended by words and phrases yet remain all unoffended by the injustice, violence and oppression that howls daily" - Stephen Fry

// That quote is not one of the funny ones
a nice piece of political art :)
whew, let's keep making progress ladies & gentlemen
was it designed to do this? update: it *was* designed to do this!
From the page: "I didn't say it as well as I should have," said Obama

this is pretty funny... sounds to me like he was clear the first time, then he basically reverses his statement
this one got categorized as buddhism... i think i'll leave it that way :)
this guy is hilarious. actor matt frewer, thaaat's who this guy reminds me of :)

what a good cat toy! it's warm, contains music, and when you touch it, fun shapes fly around. price is the only drawback :-/

that thing was frightening when it first came out
breathtaking in its audacity. even funnier because i went to a symfony introduction just last night
anyway, i hope this is humor ;)
this must the most over-engineered spud gun ever. great technical walk-through though... full of good design ideas

"send us your action shots! click here!" XD
what is this sh**? i like it. UPDATE: it's even funnier the second time through.
the power switch is located under the hood, for your protection :P
a biting and terribly funny highbrow skit about the subprime mortgage fiasco. includes an easy-to-follow explanation of what caused the whole mess. it's intentionally played to seem racist, which i found a little distracting. great performance.

at last fox endorses a candidate with real potential ;)
lol; it's the the traveling salesman problem
how easily we forget... practically everything. thanks to ar0cketman for the find
i suspect we'll see more of this type of lack-of-recognizable-organization social movement, now that the internet makes possible instant mass-adoption of shared ideals and emergent coordination of activity
cap'n, he can't take much more of this... or he'll blow apart!
this is what that mart at the car wash will be like in 2085
the agent database is the best XD
heh heh, benny hill shows us the truth :)

although a satire, this is exactly what happens when obscure older technology is compared to technology commonly in use. let's not disparage older tech! it still has its applications :)
apparently the machine retains a very strong field even when power is off

it's engineer humor, not everyone will appreciate it
great! i've got some rubles that look just like this :)
excellent, yet truly bizarre. lifted from donthefox. hmm, it's also reminiscent of the electronic art piece "listening post"
that little guy is a biter

something about this kid's expression... "you're freakin me out man!" :)

the future benefits of any action are speculative, we just have to do our best and muddle through :)
this made me lol. i'm guessing newton had a lot of cats

even funnier in the context of patent applications :)
gotta love these old "training" films, they're an invaluable look at changes in our culture. the MST3K gang is a plus too :)

1941 short documentary on car sales made into laughing stock
bizarre and funny short on various applications of springs

hahaha, impressive concept :D

mine is in there! thorough job :)
excellent web design concept -- i actually read through every page of the site.
the real moral is, nature trumps good intentions
i just saw the front page... but it made me laugh :)
young kids know all :) oh, and the subject is marriage ;)
...Edison invented the electric company... classic!

omg, insane 80's videogame ad
that's right, stand your ground
well, i thought it was very funny (the ending got me by surprise)
a little obscure... but who can resist the unbridled enthusiasm of leeeeeeroyyyy jennnnkinnnns! :)

subtle, yet over the top... i like it :)
poor guy... the paste is supposed to go between the cpu and the *heat sink* :( sad because it looks like he really wanted to keep it cool
formula for calculating the volume of a pizza
posted because someone might find it useful to forward along... :)
the best salesman really understands his customer
you should see what they do to parking violators :(

this is supposed to be a parody... but if *everyone* wore colorful rubber shoes, they would look perfectly normal! :)

pretty funny, after watching a couple of those kraftwerk videos ;)

Check out the names of the pheromones -- classic! :)
Copyright Island is one of my favorite vacation spots ;)

love it. the forces in our current economic system make this sort of thing inevitable. it's still really funny though :)
comic genius. of course, i liked the original song so there you go.

cartoons & pet pics... my fave is cat-in-couch :)
bah, some jerks couldn't leave harmless bees well enough alone
don't read that last one, it's really sad
heh heh, true to life Internets T-Shirt! Note to self: wow, the Internets is becoming very efficient at marketing :O
cool, more ways to tie shoes! with good diagrams, to boot
a cheap shot. gratuitous graphic violence & gore.
Example: "X called. He wants his Y back." Big list of different formulaic patterns.
Classic episode - Ms Swan interviews a stylist to mind her salon while she travels overseas. Very funny - the security code is a favorite. Plus, "Talk to the hole!"

i love robots. video - in case you haven't seen this already. :)

by the way, this is really, really dangerous. don't try it at home! not that you have a super-powerful industrial robot at home, but still...
T-Shirt: Windows Blue Screen of Death :)
Falipornia Speak Therapy (satire, a fake commercial)
Be funny this!! I like language, and I this be funny saying. :)
Cleverly simple. Call me an idiot, but I liked it. Now, where's my stuffed catnip mouse...?
"Pictures I Like For A Variety Of Reasons"
Wacky and sometimes hilarious images. Annotated. :)
Cats Painting. When I had a cat, I used to see her do things like this too. I never realized she was trying to paint without the proper materials!
Funny! "Steve Jobs" introduces new versions of the iPod on Saturday Night Live. If you've seen the real Steve Jobs' MacWorld keynote presentations, you'll love this...
Lost Socks
The lonely partners of all those socks that never came home.

Shamelessly plucked from smilesr4u. Smiles, I have no shame. :)
Emergency Procedures Signs
These are laugh out loud funny!! *Can* emergency signs get any worse??? Only from the US Gov't of course. Thanks to Inga for the pointer.
This fake sales pitch looks *so* familiar... Points out the pitchmanship we've all been soaking up for the past 50 years. :)
Good natured jokes about hard-working woodworkers. You might enjoy these even if you've never touched a piece of wood! :)
It's yer Trailer Park Home Paaage! Crass, yet hilarious. WARNING: Bring grains of salt -- stereotypes ahead.
I do NOT suggest doing this!! So, don't do it! Thank you.
Simply delightful animated study of differences between Europe and Italy. Good humor and good sound! :)
Truth is funny! I'm a computer guy, and it's still funny.
Tongue-in-cheek fortunes. It's good, get some!
Formerly-wholesome hilarity!
Great! Measurements of the NET amount of stuff that's inside packages of stuff. I've ALWAYS wondered how much Just "How Much is Inside?" :)
Braille T-Shirts. Hilarious! Being a text-oriented guy I tend to read the messages on people's shirts, but with these shirts... :)