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"Affectionately comic drama about the British home computer boom of the early 1980s. Legendary inventor Clive Sinclair battles it out with ex-employee Chris Curry, founder of Acorn Computers, for dominance in the fledgling market."
PLATO, the earliest online community!
this video might be a re-post, but i really like it :)
to skip the commentary, fast forward to 1:44

i was very impressed with the timeline :)

"Something is going to be done about this." :D
check out the comments on the page this links to. they're really funny...

fascinating observations about how development of cities leads economic progress
navigation is a little awkward, but this is a nice collection of materials... including music
counterfeiting is trivial compared to the wholesale "printing" of money by world governments
new technology seems pretty complicated... but the presenter does a good job
incredible shot of san francisco burned-out ruins. i'm sad to see it. snagged from caffeina
cool!! modern technology squares with architectural intuition
a little slow starting out, but quite interesting analysis of the factors that lead to societal implosion... and how that relates to the course we're on
nikola tesla was here. tesla designed the power system for the electric lighting, and westinghouse built it

Hermann Goering describes how to scare a country's population into following "leaders". that seems relevant, doesn't it?
this almost falls under humor. i like the old pics though
good! i agree though, gnu/linux should be #11 :)
that's kind of a weird design for a serious prize... :)
it's great to see fashion in historical context :D thanks to xtine66
there are good arguments on both sides of this topic
beautiful collection... like going to a museum
the statue of liberty being constructed in france
"The Origin of the Valve"
Exerpts from a talk by inventor of the thermionic valve (aka vacuum tube diode) Dr A J Fleming FRS.
a breathless and inspiring look at the development of early electronic computers
the beginning of self-service telecommunications

an eye-opening collection of submarines and diving suits
i'm with sparlo on this one. great pic! :D that's odd though... almost none of the men are working. hmm... :-/
excellent collection of Pics from The Library of Congress
a good and somewhat over-the-top speech from 1886 on the wonders of a new metal, aluminum
thought-provoking essay on the humble banana, over which much political and ecological strife has been created... the humble banana that disease is quickly pushing toward extinction
key milestones in the development of computer chips. thanks to ar0cketman
wow, no wonder it couldn't be built at the time
good thing this was documented... so nobody else tries it :p
whew, let's keep making progress ladies & gentlemen
fascinating bite-size pieces of economic history. yes, this was good tidbit too, about discarding the gold standard:
postcard of "scientific shoes", from the 1933-34 world's fair chicago. science was the fair's theme

how easily we forget... practically everything. thanks to ar0cketman for the find
An important message. I don't have the words to describe this.

great 60's photos of workers in a Bell Labs data center
documentary by james burke... man this is good. the other parts and other episodes do seem to be up on youtube

whether true or not, they're interesting stories
it doesn't take long to forget what really happened and remember the imaginary... not long at all
short 1950's documentary about television, pictures from the sky
1950s-era telegraphy -- a great piece of history. before there was email, there was the telegram
funny history lesson about numbers... great reminder of how important basic discoveries are
excellent, as always - history of the watch

Camenzind tells what really happened between Noyce & Kilby

fantastic, very entertaining documentary on how the elevator works... i'm going to end up blogging this entire series

i love these shows... this one is a fascinating look at the technology & history of fax machines

damn fine introduction to computer technology, from the 1960's

fantastic 1950's product introduction; steve jobs couldn't have done it better

shoe evolution since 1800, with photos
how radio works, & history of its development

interesting historical info... plus, this guy claims to have purchased one of the original sputniks on ebay! :)
Great old silent film from AT&T, how to dial a phone! This new "technology" stuff is so complicated, I'll never get the hang of it... ;)
Bezos compares the current state of the Internet to the gold rush and the early electric industry. He's a good speaker... I like that guy. :)
Cool, I never knew what was under those glass sidewalks

a walk on the underside of San Francisco to see where the glass sidewalk plugs go.