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note to self: eat bananas green
although, this article does have some good news re the blueberries :)
Shopper's Guide to Pesticides
i'm eating more raw foods myself. it makes a big difference :)
"AGEs are harmful substances that are abundant in Western diets, and proliferate when foods are heated, pasteurized, dried, smoked, fried or grilled. Once absorbed in the body, AGEs adhere to tissues and oxidize them, causing inflammation which in turn can lead to disease."

they're saying i shouldn't eat a grilled cheese sandwich and fries :(
a case of health vs marketing. i'm concerned that antibiotic-resistant bacteria have the potential to wipe us off the planet
another good segment (see my other reviews)

i now understand what "junk food" really means :)

neat simulations of visuals that occur during migraine. i saw one once -- a few of these simulations were really close :)
let's remember, the Boston Tea Party was about TAXES
mmm, these digg comments are shaping up nicely... From the page: "I drink soda and I am in good shape. Due to my sample size of 1, with a standard deviation of infinity, I conclude with 95% confidence that soda gives me muscles, "
by "safe", i think they really mean "not convinced it's harmful" :-/
don't worry, i'm sure you can still buy trans-fats for use at home. meanwhile, a bunch of people will be spared from arterial disease; saving lives, and saving the public beaucoup bucks
impressive! i'm very glad to have these little guys looking out for me :)
i wonder how those guys are doing with the genetically-engineered dental bacteria...
"The U.S. spends more on health care, both as a proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) and on a per-capita basis, than any other nation in the world. Current estimates put U.S. health care spending at approximately 16% of GDP. The health share of GDP is expected to continue its historical upward trend, reaching 19.5 percent of GDP by 2017. In 2007, the U.S. spent a projected $2.26 trillion on health care, or $7,439 per person."
i like colors, but artificial food colors aren't healthy for me. here are some alternatives.
i hope this is accurate, because it's a great, easy-to-read summary :D
*whose* responsibility is this? headline should read "Young Australians Damaging Their Hearing with Loud Music" :-/
interesting, i've got quite a sweet tooth myself. plus, heh, the video features a real-life doogie howser ;)
From the page: "B12 helps you get to sleep earlier, and may help you wake up earlier if you leave a curtain open to the morning sun."
gold fillings instead of amalgam... that sounds like a good idea, since the mercury from amalgam fillings leaches out into the body
arrgh, the trouble with mercury fillings

a severe ethical dilemma... in a catastrophe, do we stretch limited resources by not treating people most likely to die?
uh-oh, this may be bad news for people exposed to EMF, especially people with heart conditions. might be a good idea to rig up an EM meter and scan the bedroom for pulsating fields :-/
i've noticed this... my lungs seem happier with the occasional dose of saturated fats (e.g., pizza, ice cream :)
sardines have a relatively low level of mercury
blueberries work for me... plus, concord grape juice
Here are the (U.S.) FD&C designations for the suspect food colors:

E102 = Yellow #5
E124 N/A
E110 = Yellow #6
E122 = Orange #4
E104 = Yellow #10
E129 = Red #40

fascinating!! this could be quite important. eat your vegetables, dear
LEF: Levels of several key vitamins lower in morbidly obese. probable causes include chronic low-grade inflammation
i wonder if age-related muscle stiffness is caused by collagen damage, from elevated homocysteine levels? like, as a result of long-term b6/b12 deficiency?
quick color blindness test... seems to get progressively more difficult. the last one got me! ;)
come on people. the point is, eat plenty of omega-3 oils for the health of your baby
if even a fraction of these facts is accurate, this is really worth considering
don't drink *hot* water from the tap! scientists say there's lead in it. crap, i've been using hot tap water for cooking for ages. no more of that.
i like a lot of these recommendations :)
From the page: "findings suggest that women who are depressed are also losing their sense of smell"
it will be tough to squash a dozen dimensions of information into a single number. i applaud the effort -- it's better than what we've got now
a cheap way to treat and prevent all sorts of problems, including Alzheimer's
ahh, very interesting theory
*gurgles* Oops, ate too close to bedtime :(
nasty -- research shows that amalgam tooth fillings, and mercury in general, are bad for brain health :(

have anxious reactions to what typical persons would consider ordinary stimuli?
more copper vs stainless steel -- germs beware, copper wins big time :) maybe we should be making computer keyboards with copper keys!
Brass vs Stainless Steel Doorknobs: "brass is bactericidal, while stainless steel is not"
Good overview of Nutritional Yeast, and other yeast types
Great-looking shoes with a built-in impact absorbing spring for pain relief. Haven't tried them myself, but they're *super* cool & sexy! Many thanks to ar0cketman for the find.