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good idea: "use solid surfaces as an input devices by capturing the sounds they produce"
this is just a person typing on a keyboard. it sounds nice, like raindrops :) this video was surprisingly well rated and commented in youtube

a classic. conversion and hacking of a payphone. the true hilarity of this video begins at about 25:00, when you realize limor has done the entire conversion for the sole purpose of hacking around the payment mechanism. with continued practice these guys may begin to look like a latter-day secret life of machines :)
great news for embedded systems hobbyists -- how to use use ddc from standard vga ports as a cheap i2c bus
includes an interesting tour of a telco central office
this must the most over-engineered spud gun ever. great technical walk-through though... full of good design ideas

LED Watches. #5 is a nice design... few LEDs but still easy to read; eventually the big metal block will be phased out :)