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bathroom humor, actually
this is a great documentary on the design of the underground map, which was surprisingly influential in modern graphic design

found at NewSherlock
good documentary on Harry Beck's groundbreaking design for the London underground system map
why do they keep messing with well-designed classic logos... the one from 1979 is the one i'm referring to
outstanding work from artist James Jean... his rough pencil sketches are even better
great designs in here (warning: lonnng page of images)
a lot of these designs are quite clever. liked.
this chart estimates "dog years" based on life stages. thanx to xtine66. @McSmokerson: the colors represent sizes of dogs (see colors of dog icons).
this is kind of odd... am i supposed to watch out for speeding buses? :)

i'd say these classic fonts became overused *because* they are really good
a very nice page of "impossible" fractals :) escher would have enjoyed this, i think
help. i'm living in an idiocracy ;) the Cider one was cute though
nice alphabet popup book!

i love this "Geometri" fabric pattern... it's a classic
a shipload of what appear to be out-of-copyright illustrations, many of them botanical and nature-oriented
although a few of these designs are pretty funny -- is this... a mathematical comedian with a full bladder?

i find the "industry" symbols amazingly readable -- great piece of work
lol! america is a mishmash; why shouldn't our money be? ;)
nice & huge collection of bakelite (early plastic) consumer products
beautiful... if only it weren't so expensive... Who's Who: Manolo Blahnik
...Madonna once described shoes designed by Blahnik as "better than sex" and added that, "what's more, they last longer".

Bad Madonna, no Tantra for you! -Matt :)