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"The Oklo Fossil Fission Reactors"

it's not the "geothermal" i expected... but a simpler, easier version :)

had to snag this. that is a *big* hill ;)

anyway, this is better than celebrity news. lifted from llolla
great story about early earth, as told by tiny ancient zircons
detecting quakes before they happen would be a real life-saver. thanks to fantm
thomas gold's theory on how petroleum may be created not from fossilized plants, but from methane deep in the earth's crust. meanwhile, bacteria in the crust slowly eat away at the oil as a food source.

this is a great read; see pdf download link on the page.

if the theory is right, we will have an enormous supply of petroleum -- not that i'd advocate wasting any... and yes, we should vigorously pursue alternative, unlimited, nonpolluting energy sources.
the Gunlock Meteorite, believed to be about 4.5 billion years old. yes, that's Billion with a "b" :)

i wonder if this has practical applications relating to communications, weather or power-generation
really neat, and relaxing -- realtime audio from underwater, under the Antarctic ice

sea animals are out tonight!! :D
i'm pretty sure they're NOT saying the core is shaped like a cube... it's just that the iron atoms inside the core are arranged at 90 degree angles to each other

Toilets Unaffected by Coriolis Effect.
Can this be true?? What's the world coming to!