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fun! i'm gonna try this :)

day 1 -- ok, i'm soaking lentils overnight in a jar.
day 2 -- this morning i drained them. tonight i rinsed them.
day 3 -- overnight they sprouted! i let them grow all day, then rinsed and began eating.
they're delicious :D highly recommended

update 2:
this time i'll try garbanzo beans... yep, they're excellent.

i originally posted this in 2009, and recently started making batches of sprouts again. hmm, fresh sprouts :)
lawns and turf need water, fertilizer, and a lot of energy. just because it's a plant, that doesn't make it ecologically sound.
this is fantastic... it starts out slow, but just wait until he gets outdoors to show off their sample forests growing :)
cool. making the corral longer and narrower would improve access to the finished compost

the flower beds look lovely now that all those thistles are out of the way ;)
i hope this is accurate, because it's a great, easy-to-read summary :D
heh, why does this shot remind me of NASA's Phoenix lander ;)

perfect! i was looking for a design like this for growing plants in a fish tank... just needs simplification and a little adjustment
brought to you by the Galactic Empir... er, Monsanto ;)
really nice video on one family's urban vegetable garden
i like the bin-within-a-bin drainage system
burning manure for heating... according to this report, dried compacted manure works well, and the ashes are an effective fertilizer. ar0cketman recommends methane production for higher energy yields, but i'm just trying to get rid of some spare horse hockey at first :)
i like how this database works. plus, pretty photos of plants and flowers :)
who knew lawn care could be so entertaining
This is a great idea! But we call it "Soda" here in Kahh-lee-for-nee-ahh. :)