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fun! i'm gonna try this :)

day 1 -- ok, i'm soaking lentils overnight in a jar.
day 2 -- this morning i drained them. tonight i rinsed them.
day 3 -- overnight they sprouted! i let them grow all day, then rinsed and began eating.
they're delicious :D highly recommended

update 2:
this time i'll try garbanzo beans... yep, they're excellent.

i originally posted this in 2009, and recently started making batches of sprouts again. hmm, fresh sprouts :)
note to self: eat bananas green
although, this article does have some good news re the blueberries :)
Shopper's Guide to Pesticides
i'm eating more raw foods myself. it makes a big difference :)
"Bees' sweet yearnings produce blue honey"
i'll have to try Cafe Gratitude sometime, it's only a block from my house :)
a case of health vs marketing. i'm concerned that antibiotic-resistant bacteria have the potential to wipe us off the planet
charming, even if you're not a mushroom lover

is anyone else tired of the world being set up as a never-ending pile of exceptions? :-/
An Olive Molecule

FTA: "Marti Guixe makes beautiful food designs, from 3D snacks, chocolate printer parts to atomic models with olives."