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5 students out of 2,700. this is how our ridiculously complex system of laws came about :(
priorities :D (hey i don't want to see them either)

what a fantastic shot :D
a ton of decorated rain shoes & boots are here

a variety of cool shoe & boot designs :) thanks to xtine66!
it's great to see fashion in historical context :D thanks to xtine66
close enough... correctly predicts the fanny pack & cell phone
i'm thumbing this up because now that we can manufacture gems, we no longer have to use near-slave-labor to dig them out of the ground
cool design theme - resembles real alligators! :) brought to you in part by ar0cketman

unusual art shoes, thanks to jenjen1352! :)
shoe evolution since 1800, with photos
yes! just another 10 years, and they'll have a small-enough, nice-enough looking OLED watch...
if you're gonna wear non-sensible shoes, then you might as well be artsy about it :)
heh heh, talk about merchandise that straddles the fence... this is the *ultimate* "what if you're wrong?" t-shirt ;D
Cruggs... a sign of mankind's search for the ultimate in foot comfort?? :D
this is supposed to be a parody... but if *everyone* wore colorful rubber shoes, they would look perfectly normal! :)

these flip flops supposedly "help tone your thighs, your calves and your glutes"... interesting idea, i wonder if it's true?

Interesting style of shoes... how do they know how long each toe is? Thanks X
Hey, it's Miss FuzzyBunny! Welcome to S.U. :)
Not really a museum - Some cool pics, and links to many shoe shopping sites. via DesignU
Camel gets orthopedic shoes :D Actually, they're kinda stylish! Sent in by both Xtine66 & ar0cketman . Thanks y'all.

Great-looking shoes with a built-in impact absorbing spring for pain relief. Haven't tried them myself, but they're *super* cool & sexy! Many thanks to ar0cketman for the find.

More great shoes from the virtual shoe museum.

Wow, there's laser-cut leather on these shoes...

Brief descriptions of fashions by decade

Maybe I'm getting old, but what the hell kind of a shoe is this?? :)

more ancient, advanced shoe technology

huh, that's news to me...

Very interesting! Handmade shoes comprised of a sole and ribbons you can change yourself. Worth a look:
Steel Heels! Sculpture you can wear, but maybe only to bed, not around town... Sent in by intendedspace. Thanks Space!! Also, more galleries of other fetish shoes.
Quiz: Are these Fashions and Designs from present-day, or days past? You Pick. Mmm... tough for me! Cool though. :)
Sweet Moroccan Shoes Catalog. Sent in by Xtine66. Muchas gracias!!
Catalog: Fancy and Custom Shoes and Boots. Morgaine continues to astonish.
Galleries: "Erotic pictures of beautiful women in fashionable high-heeled shoes".
Yes, I agree. :)
"The Ultimate Directory for Heel Shoes Online".
A variety of photographs and many supplier links!! I am one again indebted to Morgaine for her amazing resourcefulness. ;)
Catalog of Fuss shoe designs.
You'd never walk in the ones pictured here, they're art!
Catalog includes more conservative designs you can wear around town as well. Lovely.
Shoes Gallery. Very good, what a find!! Thank You Morgaine!
Smilesr4u found some HOT STUFF. These guys also have a sweet white Nurse version with red cross. :) Thanks Smiles!!
Recycled-Material Shoes

What a great idea! Cool shoes made of recycled fabrics and materials. No two pairs are exactly alike.
Link sent in by moderntimes -- thank you Orla!!
Sweet vintage shoes, courtesy of smilesr4u. Thanks Smiles!!!

Yes!! SOCKS, TIGHTS, ETC. Thank you BettyJoBradley!!! Who's Who: Manolo Blahnik
...Madonna once described shoes designed by Blahnik as "better than sex" and added that, "what's more, they last longer".

Bad Madonna, no Tantra for you! -Matt :)
Another classic in the making? They seem to be from another world, some other time... you could just get carried away...

Hold the phone!!! These are breathtaking:

Something stylish. Cute yet elegant! Very nice balance in today's Shoe of the Day:

Hey, Calvin Klein came up with something I like! See how simple the lines are here? If you have to decorate a shoe, this is a nice way to do it.

Back to the Future! It's the '70s all over again, So modern.....

Party time! More Miu Miu's for you... what will you be drinking tonight?

Here's a little change of pace -- shiny Miu Miu's. You could kick some serious ass in these! Significant Others beware.

Cool!! smilesr4u sent in this very creative display. Thank you Smiles!! :D

We're going yachting! You bring the champagne, since obviously you can afford it. :)

Sweet! But dare ye not look at the price, lest ye turn to stone...

Shoe Exhibitions at the Bata Shoe Museum. "Influential Shoe Designers of the 20th Century"
platypus-x sent the tip -- thank you Sean!

Now THIS is huggable! Shaggy, one might say... Sent in by VaVaVoommm. :)

Interesting Combo. Haven't seen this before, but I like it! :)

Fancy Hosiery! VaVaVoommm found a source for these special accessories:

moderntimes has sent in a dazzling set of museum pieces, photo-documented by Reko (flickr). Had to share! Thank you Orla.

Shoe of the day: Traditional Mongol Boots! Thanks to Xtine66 for these superbly decorated pieces from yet another corner of the globe. I loved the black, but the brown are my favorite...

Too cool. I could just die from the prices. But, they're art!

Clergerie again! Dammit, if I was a woman, a rich, rich woman...

Love 'em. More Clergerie. So expensive, but ahh.....

Smooth. Now I love Robert Clergerie...

Hmm, cute little circular barbells! Different styles of cuts are available.

Good reference card of hairstyles. Every time I go in to get a cut, I can never quite describe the style I want. ;D
Handsome Western style. Black goes with everything!

Wow, Rocketbuster makes some cool-ass boots! Not to everyone's liking, but hey, that's fashion for you.