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lawns and turf need water, fertilizer, and a lot of energy. just because it's a plant, that doesn't make it ecologically sound.
the first 10 minutes are a little fragmented, but the second half makes the whole thing worth watching
this is fantastic... it starts out slow, but just wait until he gets outdoors to show off their sample forests growing :)
uh-oh, better update those climate models post-haste :-/

"Recent estimates by Battin's team and others conclude there is a net flux, or outgassing, of carbon dioxide from the world's rivers and streams to the atmosphere of at least two-thirds to three-quarters of a gigatonne (Gt) of carbon per year. This flux has not been taken into account in the models of the global carbon cycle used to predict climate change. "
this could play an important part in reducing power-plant CO2 emissions
we have to figure out a good way to reprocess the waste and all, but look at france's success with nuclear power. diversification of power sources is a smart approach for us
a little slow starting out, but quite interesting analysis of the factors that lead to societal implosion... and how that relates to the course we're on
re-using containers & packaging materials is a great idea. snagged from the tasteful margir
fun. this guy is a poster boy for non-techie dumpster diving

we need to start cutting our ongoing costs, and capital investments in efficient infrastructure are some of the better ways to do that.
well, at least keeping the population under 1/2 billion would be a really good idea
research like this is very important for future water purification technologies
a couple of friends of mine each has 4 kids. if everyone did that, we'd all be eating soylent green and living under martial law in polluted squalor. i'm not having any.
an experiment in using grown materials in a car body. thanks to xtine66 :)
a guy and his family are fed up with hydro bills and blackouts, so they move to the middle of the canadian wilderness. along the way their quest to hew a home from rough logs turns into helicopter-delivered prefab adventure. an environmentally-flavored study in lack of planning... worth watching.
a neat idea for killing household insect infestations without using poison. snagged from stocktrader
@ 91KP: i think the $32/ton refers to "downcycled" plastic, not high-grade new plastic
this is a VERY interesting idea... concentrating consumer power to help businesses pay for "green" capital improvements

this small village requires residents to sort & recycle all waste. i like it! we need plenty of experiments like this, to find systems that work :)
crap. well if you bought one already, be sure to use it for many years.
Court Rewards Exxon for Valdez Oil Spill

"In today's ruling, Supreme Court Justice David Souter wrote that Exxon's recklessness was ''profitless'' - so the company shouldn't have to pay punitive damages." (the $5 billion in punitive damages awarded by the jury)

hmm :((
i hope this is accurate, because it's a great, easy-to-read summary :D
"Citing Need for Assessments, U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects"
well, that's a twist :-/
i don't know if it lives up to its claims, but the cams look cool :)
clever, but let's keep the pessimism to a minimum
whew, here are some strong opinions... i appreciate seeing other points of view :)
if there *is* global cooling, we'll still need every drop of energy efficiency we can get
this sounds like good news to me. i do think economics dictates the conditions for environmentally-positive changes...
car companies will manufacture whatever the public feels compelled to buy... compelled because we feel insecure or are given a financial incentive like with SUVs. they've been telling us for years "we won't make these eco-vehicles because you won't buy them". well now we *will* buy them :)
if the rising price of oil were a conspiracy, it sure looks like an effective means of getting businesses to become more efficient in their use of fuel and raw materials. did someone plan this? :)
this is because stock prices, dividends and market dominance are what we as corporate shareholders place value on. it's all in the structure we've set up for ourselves. we can improve things by changing that structure.
come on people. we need to create serious economic consequences in order to incentivize environmentally-sustainable energy sources, products & services. history shows that no amount of whining or scientific evidence is going to do it -- only the money matters. regardless of whether "global warming" is later proven correct, this momentum is a tremendous opportunity to make strides that will benefit all of humanity
really nice video on one family's urban vegetable garden
actually, tip #4 helps stabilize the air temperature by providing thermal mass -- to store coolness at night and release it during the day. the metal container is an efficient conductor of heat between the liquid and surrounding air ;)
well i'll be. this kid discovered strains of bacteria that eat plastic bags. no wonder he looks so happy. we'll have to wait and see whether this could do any good for our ocean-clogging continents of plastic garbage.
i appreciate the sentiment... we still need a better means of advertising than paper mail, web, tv and spam.
it would be sad if the devil population is unable to evolve fast enough to survive this cancer epidemic
biofuels increasing CO2 emissions & eating into our food supply? compare & contrast the leading types
man, they put a ton of work into this... for a good cause
entrepreneurs are redefining the concept of "waste": instead of waste-as-rubbish, it's waste-as-valuable-commodity
these are outstanding! :D isabella rossellini's bug biology lessons show how nature all around us is filled with amazing drama. kids of the future will watch these routinely, i'm sure. btw, the *snail* is a little risque :)
economic incentives and penalties... yep, that often works :)
good thing this was documented... so nobody else tries it :p
yeah... no more penny, no more nickel
there seems to be some controversy about this in the Reviews
how long until policies reflect the fact that corn-based ethanol is inefficient
Haxwell makes a good point, they are really expensive :-/ but, you've gotta start somewhere, and maybe competition from imitators can bring the price down :)
genetic engineering isn't harmful per se... like any technology, it's what you do with it that creates the risks
based on these numbers, we should *not* be looking at corn as feedstock for ethanol production
wow, water supply and energy production rely heavily on each other. from the page: "Running a hot water faucet for five minutes is the equivalent of burning a 60-watt light bulb for 14 hours," Gleick said. "Maybe the best way to save energy is to save hot water."
From the page: "Australia is so richly blessed with cheap coal, and also gas and some oil, which is why we are so far behind other nations."
this is a great low-cost technique for quickly building robust semi-permanent housing

more good work. how about let's think of a way to mine garbage dumps soon -- which might turn up all sorts of useful (and currently toxic) compounds & elements
arrgh, we still have all this old toxic crap to clean up
summarizes how plant-based foods are much more efficient to produce than animal-based foods. i eat lentils for a lot of my protein needs.
fascinating introduction to sustainable living techniques, via the real-life homesteading experiences & experiments of a couple in Arizona.
great example of how a little extra planning saves a lot of valuable time and energy
serious thinking from a very smart individual

excellent test. seems that ireland is the world's test tube for this sort of experiment
Thomas Gold's theory about the ongoing creation of oil from deep within the earth is not science fiction -- some might call it wishful thinking. It does remain to be proven.
i'm thumbing this up because now that we can manufacture gems, we no longer have to use near-slave-labor to dig them out of the ground
encouraging demonstration of improved sustainability for an urban home

delightful irony - solar call manufacturer to power its plant with wind :D
i'm left with a horrified smile on my face. excellent work!

it's still *less* efficient than corn. i'm more interested in solar-thermal, wind, and photovoltaic
especially noteworthy in this presentation is the low price of consumer goods -- they're essentially being subsidized by the use of efficient but socially and environmentally destructive practices.
show your support for energy conservation :D
cool, roofs that grow plants. our local science museum is beginning to get its "head of hair" of plants even as we speak...
Making plastic bags optional and charging for them separately is a really neat trick -- no net change in price, but the meaning is different to the consumer... :)
Letter from Nikola Tesla questioning why engineers haven't built a more-efficient, hybrid car yet... in 1904!!
Recycled-Material Shoes

What a great idea! Cool shoes made of recycled fabrics and materials. No two pairs are exactly alike.
Link sent in by moderntimes -- thank you Orla!!